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A Holiday Package from ClientWise to Prepare Your Team for 2015

By ClientWise | December 5, 2014

They say that the best leaders know how to delegate. At ClientWise we’d argue that the best leaders know how to collaborate. However, part of the challenge of transitioning to a leader is learning to let go of certain responsibilities to share them with team members. The same is true of partnering and collaborating with outside entities who can help you develop that team and gain an outside perspective for greater understanding of exactly how your team collaborates.

At ClientWise we’ve honed our understanding of how great teams run—some very differently from others—through our own collaboration with top-performing teams. This, coupled with The ClientWise Research Approach™, which is comprised of research, coach insights, and community feedback, has allowed us to develop a series of tools, assessments, and workshops to help your team stay on track in the New Year. Our Relationship Managers are here to help you determine what kind of meeting and engagements would be most helpful in preparing your team for 2015. Ask yourself the following questions before reaching out:

Are you focusing on the right areas?
: Any financial professional understands that running a business requires that you focus both ON and IN your business. But how do you know which areas specifically deserve or require the most time, attention, and energy for your business? Well at ClientWise we’ve developed an evaluation that does just that. Our Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR)™ is a proprietary practice evaluation tool, created, and consistently refined, by in-depth research and interviews with high performing advisory teams. The BAR ™ measures your practice against top performing advisors to compare to the highest caliber and uncover specific tactics to achieve goals. The analysis generated by the BAR™ includes a customized 45-50 page written report detailing each individual’s assessment. We also provide customized BAR™ Evaluations that aim to make them as applicable to your practice as possible.

How much do you know about your team members?:
Your team members are assets to your organization for a variety of reasons: Their industry expertise, skills as producers, relationship management techniques, marketing knowledge and sales presence. These are all obvious aspects of their roles, but do you know how the elements of their personalities and behavior styles factor into their ability to be an asset to your team?  The DISC Assessment Report™ is an evaluation tool we use to provide insight into natural and adaptable behavior styles of the individuals and teams we work with. By assessing traits of dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance through this assessment, we can create clearer goals around leadership, management, sales, hiring, and employee development for your team.

How well do you know yourself?
: Are you getting the feedback you need to do your job to the best of your abilities? Are your team members? The High Performance Team Insights™ 360 Assessment provides a complete picture of your team environment, through the confidential engagement of every member of your team from leadership to staff. This “full picture” perspective helps you more clearly define and develop strategies for growth and sustainable business practices based on honest and open feedback amongst team members.  Each team member has an equal voice in helping to shape team communication, structure, and strategy by contributing to the custom report we prepare for the team. Your report is presented at a team offsite meeting and the group works collaboratively to outline areas for change and improvement and prioritizes possible coaching objectives and areas for immediate focus.

Are you leading as a leader or a top producer?:
There is a big difference between leading an effective, true financial advisory team and acting as a top producer with a dedicated workforce. The first will put you on a track to a highly effective and sustainable team. Our Lone Ranger to Leader™ Program helps advisors in leadership roles build and lead high-performing teams that are remarkably cohesive, innately successful, and dedicated to serving their clients. The program contains 16 hours of proprietary ClientWise content divided into 4 quarterly workshops: 1) Becoming CEO of a Team, 2) Building a Strong Team, 3) Creating a Cohesive Team and 4) Coaching a High Performing Team. Participants are guided through Ten Key Leadership Transitions broken down into leadership behaviors and learning objectives. Then each team’s progress is measured over the course of the year through the initial Leader’s Journey Assessment™ and targeted exercises during and between workshops.

In addition to those listed above, we also has plenty of resources for advisors in the earlier stages of their business who have yet to start building out a team, or are still in the process of getting to a point where they can do so. Our Business Builders Workshops™ are perfect for financial advisors looking to provide more structure to their business through targeted processes. On the other end of the spectrum, our Building The Billion Dollar Business™ Workshops are ideal for multi-million dollar producers who are looking to transition into billion dollar businesses through the highest level of strategic thinking in coaching and financial services. Call us at 1.800.732.0876 to speak with one of our dedicated Relationship Managers and figure out how to get your team started on the right track for 2015.


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