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Strategic Partnership Offerings

Barron’s Advisor and ClientWise have partnered to further their missions of helping advisors achieve the highest standards of success. By combining ClientWise’s strategic coaching with Barron’s Advisor’s deep research and data capabilities, the partnership offers the resources and services needed to help advisors build enduring firms while maximizing enterprise value.

Complimentary Workbench Debrief Session

Advisors who have applied to Barron’s Rankings in the past 5 years are eligible to use The Barron’s Workbench to see how their practice measures against the top 1% of financial advisors in the industry. Through our strategic partnership with ClientWise, the ICF credentialed coaching firm will walk you through a complimentary debrief session showcasing where your firm’s strengths lie and providing a GAP analysis on any blind spots or weaknesses that may exist.

Business Builders Academy™

Since its founding in 2006, groups of high-performing teams and advisors have come together to learn from one another, from ClientWise content and research, and scale their firms, growing enterprise value. Barron’s Advisor and ClientWise are collaborating in 2022 to host elite Business Builder’s Academy™ workshops. These PCC-Level Coach facilitated workshops empower peer-to-peer learning with 25 like-minded independent top advisors of a similar size and structure. A Barron’s team member will be at select sessions to share insights into how the most successful advisors and teams are driving growth.

Advisor Scorecard

Barron's Advisor has created a new tool to help assess your practice. The Barron's Scorecard takes eight subjective, but crucial, measures of a practice and generates two letter grades, one for the size of the practice and one for quality of practice. The two scores are produced by evaluating your information against data collected over the past 12 months. Scores range from A+ to B-.


The combination of Barron’s Advisor’s deep research and analytics, along with the industry-leading expert coaching from ClientWise, can help you take your business to the next level. We’re always here to help you work on your next ambition. What's Your Next Ambition?

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Conferences & Events

Since 2005, Barrons Advisor has been offering exclusive events for top-ranked advisors. These Annual Summits provide wealth managers the opportunity to network with other elite practitioners and provide carefully curated content that highlights topics essential to scaling their business and creating enterprise value. Through our partnership, ClientWise has become a highly valued contributor of thought leadership and a prominent exhibitor at the Summits.

Barron's Advisor Independent Summit

March 21-23, 2022

Barron's Advisor Teams Summit

April 27-29, 2022

Barron's Advisor Women Summit

November 30, 2022

Past Webinars On Demand

Watch the latest webinar collaborations between Barrons Advisor and ClientWise on topics ranging from succession planning, M&A activity, practice management and more.

Succeed in Succession Planning

The case for a formalized succession plan has been growing increasingly over the years due to an aging workforce and mass consolidation in the RIA space. In recent years, however, new factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, have turned it into an even more urgent issue, creating an environment where advisors may need to consider exiting earlier than planned. What happens if an unforeseen need to step away from your firm comes? Do you have a plan in place to prepare the next generation of your team if, and when, this happens?

Part 1: Optimizing Growth and Scale

Registered Independent Advisory (RIA) firms are combining at a furious and unprecedented rate. As industry consolidation gains momentum, Barron's Wealth & Asset Management group analyzed data on how 42 elite RIA firms are navigating through this environment of great change.

Part 2: M&A Frenzy: Maximizing Revenue

Registered Independent Advisory (RIA) firms are combining at a furious and unprecedented rate. As industry consolidation gains momentum, Barron's Wealth & Asset Management group analyzed data on how 42 elite RIA firms are navigating through this environment of great change. 

Unlocking the Future: Growth

Advisors faced unparalleled challenges over the past year that tested their limits. Yet, in a survey of 800 elite financial advisors, we found they not only weathered the storm but outperformed nearly every major benchmark in comparison to prior years. So what changed, and more importantly, what lessons should advisors hold onto to maintain prolonged success moving forward?

Unlocking the Future: Business Continuity

Business as usual was disrupted by a global crisis, but the best advisors in the nation adapted their practices to ensure no lapse in business continuity. Investments in technology and digital marketing enabled advisors to foster deeper and more meaningful relationships with not only their clients but also their teams in a remote work environment over the last 12 months.