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Strengthen Your Growth

How can you create a more sustainable, operationally efficient, and profitable business? What steps do you need to take to be a more effective leader, and to build a productive, collaborative, interdependent team? How can you better position and prepare your firm for a successful succession?
Maximize your enterprise value with ClientWise's signature programs—all designed by our team of industry experts to help you build a better, stronger, and enduring advisory business.

Signature Programs

ClientWise Next Generation Series™

The program is designed to create the strongest, most evolutionary learning environment for Next Generation talent to equip them to become the leaders and/or owners of the firm necessary for a successful succession transition. The work in the program is oriented towards growth goals related to each person’s actual firm and the standards for succession within that firm. Importantly, current owners / partners will be involved in setting goals and measuring success for each of the firm’s participants.

Lone Ranger to Leader™

There’s no getting around the fact that when firm leadership is centralized around a single individual, potential future growth is severely limited. You need to be both willing to surround yourself with talented professionals, and able to trust them enough to share leadership. This foundational program will show you how.

Lone Ranger to Leader™ for Teams

How can you leverage your team more effectively to achieve key objectives? What impediments stand between your team and the ability to provide value to clients? Using extensive industry research, our consultants enable firms to use their most expensive investment - human capital - most effectively.

Success in Succession™

Are you so busy helping clients plan their own futures that you haven’t planned your own? No matter how far off retirement may be, the best leaders ALWAYS have an exit strategy. Work with one of our coaches to help clarify your succession goals, better prepare your next generation to one day take the reins, and ultimately monetize your life’s work.

Fully Designed Future™

No matter where you are in your own firm’s journey, this program will serve as a blueprint for designing the next phase of your professional future and operationalizing it in ways that will maximize your success. Let us help you gain clarity around what you want from your business, as well as how to reach a professional potential you never thought possible.

The Merger Maximizer™

When the right firms come together, it can be a tremendous route to accelerated growth. But so many mergers are unable to make it across the finish line. Why are some mergers successful while others fail? ClientWise's signature Merger Maximizer™ program helps firms achieve the three levels of alignment necessary for a successful merger.

Maximizer for Acquisition & Transition Success™

How can you identify acquisition candidates and begin cultivating relationships with them before they ever hit the market? What’s the best way to integrate cultures and processes in order to maximize an acquisition’s value to your future growth? Let ClientWise’s experienced consultants help guide you through what can be a complex process.

Client Results

When we bring ClientWise in to facilitate workshops, we know that our top advisors and managers will be able to take away a lot of valuable information that they can use in their day-to-day jobs. ClientWise spends a lot of time on their handouts and materials in preparing for workshops and keynotes. The coaching skills and presentation skills are above what we typically see in some of the other coaching firms. 

Denise welsh

Denise Welsh

Former Senior Talent Strategy Consultant, MetLife

Grow Your Practice

ClientWise’s elite programs offer financial professionals customized opportunities for growth. How can you bolster your practice with a thoughtful acquisition strategy? Are there opportunities to attract new clients and expand your market that you've overlooked? How do you maintain or increase the profitability of your clients? What professional partnerships could you pursue to enhance your practice?
ClientWise creates and implements signature programs designed to guide you toward sustainable practice expansion so you can grow with intention

Signature Programs

Professional Advisory Model™

Using the PAM™, our experienced executive coaches and writers of proprietary content work with top-performing advisors to help them improve all aspects of practice management, formulate and execute long-term goals in an effort to achieve growth in new high net worth households served and assets under management. 

Building Loyal Client Advocates™

Building Loyal Client Advocates™ is a step-by-step program to make your most loyal clients powerful tools in growing your business. Learn tracking tips to develop a careful, effective, and personal process of generating referrals.

The Professional Advocate Program™

Maximize your proprietary process and turn your professional relationships into powerful client acquisition tools with The Professional Advocate Approach™. Generate exceptional results with both your clients and professional partners using the unique approaches explored in this program.

Client Results

The benefits of working with ClientWise in a coaching relationship are incredible. We had our best year ever this year in terms of the acquisition of new clients based on referrals through the ClientWise Professional Advocate Program™.

Stefani bollag masry

Stefani Bollag Masry
Senior Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor, GKB & Associates

Let us guide you to your potential.

Create stronger teams, be better leaders, and build a firm that stand the test of time with help from ClientWise's signature programs.