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As a professional in the financial services industry, you know well the difference that credentials can make when it comes to separating the exceptional from the satisfactory.
To become a ClientWise coach, individuals must be master or professional-certified by the International Coaching Federation, which is the gold standard in the coaching industry. ICF coaches commit hundreds to thousands of hours to expansive education and rigorous training. Their credentials must be continuously earned via an accountability system, so anyone working with an ICF coach can expect an unparalleled level of excellency.
ClientWise's ICF coaches are experienced in guiding clients through the challenges and opportunities unique to the financial services industry, helping clients meet their short-term goals while also developing the skills needed to respond to ongoing challenges and opportunities.

Certification Levels

All coaches must pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment and complete the Accredited Coach Training Program. The three ICF certification levels require these additional qualifications:

Associated Certified Coach

  • 60+ hours of training
  • 100+ hours of coaching experience

Professional Certified Coach

  • 125+ hours of training
  • 500+ hours of coaching experience

Master Certified Coach

  • 200+ hours of training
  • 2500+ hours of coaching experience