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We more than doubled new assets under management.

Sterling White, Northwestern Mutual


ClientWise does a lot of research in the industry. They are associated with Barrons and the reason they have that position is because they’ve done such a great job in the industry.

Rick Kent, Merit Financial


ClientWise has really helped us identify what needed to have a framework and a process and a system around it in order for it to be used throughout the company.

Kay Lynn Mayhue, Merit Financial


ClientWise was the first organization from a coaching perspective that helped us think and work on the business itself.

Scott Sparks, Sparks Financial


ClientWise has exposed me to think exponentially bigger.

Armen Khadiwala, Apogee Wealth Advisors


The biggest thing that we have achieved is succession planning.

Keith Dragoo, The Dragoo Financial Group


ClientWise does a very good job of helping you think through where you should be going and where the industry is growing. It’s allowed us to more naturally grow from a clientele perspective.

Tracy Vandyke, Northstar Wealth Navigation


I have been with ClientWise for 13 years now. It has been the one coaching relationship where we have not outgrown coaches.

Scott Underwood, Socium Advisors


That collaborative process that I get here at ClientWise, always looking into the future of where things are heading, has been helpful.

Dan Grimm, GSG Wealth Management


ClientWise is here to shape you and guide you towards what's in your best interest as we try to do what's in the best interest of our clients.

Dave Herring, Impact Wealth Management


If ClientWise can help me find my own personal happiness and to build something that’s impactful, that’s a wonderful marriage.

Mark Roman, Veritas Boston Wealth Management

Client Results

ClientWise has been a visionary and positive force in the industry. Their insight into what makes advisor practices succeed or fail, and how great wealth management practitioners can set a course to sustain growth is unquestioned, valued, and objective.

sterling shea

Sterling Shea 
Head of Practice Strategy at Morgan Stanley

Through ClientWise, we now have an integrated multi-disciplinary team rather than a group of sole practitioners leveraging shared resources. We’ve implemented a host of well-documented, repeatable processes, are making much better use of technology to engage with our clients and prospects.

mike tannery

Michael Tannery
CEO, Tannery & Company

Not only am I a better financial advisor, but I’m also a better person, better father, and better husband because of ClientWise. In the past 3 months, my assets went from $100MM under management to over $140MM under management. My income was up 30% last year and another 20% this year. And I have over $1 billion in my pipeline – a direct result of working with ClientWise. They got me to see things from a totally different perspective, to take any adversity I face and make it work for me.

Tim Woodall

Tim Woodall
Managing Director, First Republic Investment Management

As a result of the ClientWise Team Insights 360™, our practice is more efficiently run and roles and responsibilities of the partners and staff are much better aligned.  We have seen a significant rise in revenue, and the culture of the entire team is completely changed, and everyone seems much happier in their interactions with each other.

David Armstrong

David B. Armstrong
President & Co-Founder, Monument Wealth Management