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Want to be a better financial coach and communicator for your clients? Committed to becoming a more engaged leader, mentor, and coach for the next generation of advisors who’ll lead your firm into the future? For too many advisors, relational, listening, partnering and communication skills take a back seat to technical knowledge and designations.

What to Expect

An in-depth, executive coaching training curriculum specifically developed to help you become a more effective listener and communicator, a more successful relationship manager, and a great coach and mentor of others.

This program integrates workshops and virtual classes to teach you new and potent ways to deepen relationships through presence, active listening, questioning, communicating directly and partnering.

You’ll meet with ClientWise Master Certified Coaches for a two-day class at the beginning and end of the program, along with virtual classes attended from your office or home.

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Connect with a Relationship Manager

Client Results

Partner with clients, team members, stakeholders and others in a profound way to advance organizational goals

Communicate skillfully to break down barriers and better understand the positions and beliefs of others more fully

Build consensus among team members to achieve vital goals and objectives

Ask challenging questions that will bring important issues to the surface

Let us guide you to your potential.

Connect with us to learn how the ClientWise coaching skills program can take your profession to the next level.