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Joint Venture Provides Cutting Edge Workshops for Financial Advisors

Posted by Alix Purcell on Sep 9, 2014 10:15:00 AM

We’re thrilled to announce that we have recently partnered with ThinkAdvisor, a company equally committed to helping financial professionals access industry knowledge and grow their businesses. Together, ClientWise LLC and ThinkAdvisor will pool their resources to create one of the most compelling workshops for elite financial advisors committed to building billion dollar businesses

Building the Billion Dollar Business will be held in a variety of locations and dates across the country, and brings the highest level of strategic thinking in coaching and financial services together to help incredibly successful financial advisors advance even further. Its purpose is to turn multi-million dollar teams into billion dollar businesses, by breaking down their practices and providing them with the skills and critical thinking needed to transition from being a 100 million dollar producer to running a billion dollar business. With a particular focus on teams, it will help even top producing financial advisory teams advance even further by unlocking the power of shared responsibility for rainmaking results. 

The benefits of this workshop are vast, and we’ll be detailing them out further in our blog between now and the launch, but here’s a quick overview:

One-day LIVE event: Facilitated by industry leader, Ray Sclafani, CEO of ClientWise, this intensive workshop has an action-packed agenda filled with insights from the industry’s top teams, along with proprietary ClientWise content, and exercises designed to tailor that content specifically to your business. 

The ClientWise Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR): This is a 45-50 page gap analysis of your business that provides a customized report benchmarking you against other top financial advisory teams with billion dollar businesses. The report will also alert you to the areas of practice management in which you should focus to boost your competitive edge in the industry with little investment of your time.

Proprietary Research & Insights: Participants of the workshop are provided with a detailed analysis of how Barron’s-ranked teams running a billion dollar+ business got to where they are today, using data from the same BAR™ that will provide your own detailed assessment. This research is owned by, and completely exclusive to ClientWise clients.

Tools & Assessments:  You’ll be provided with further information on our selection of tools and assessments, to help you determine which will directly benefit your practice, both now and in the future. Assessments such as our High Performance Team Insights™ and our DISC Assessment Report™ will provide perspective on your team dynamic, and will guide you in maximizing the role of each team member.

Total Team Leadership™: This unique approach, coined by ClientWise, will teach you tactics like co-creating and co-authoring to truly engage your team and keep their disparate roles in mindwhen applying these practice-improving techniques directly to your business. 

One-hour individual debrief over the phone after the event: Facilitated by a ClientWise coach, these phone debriefs will begin to elucidate the steps necessary to make the greatest impact for your business with the least amount of time invested. Additionally, you’ll be informed of the programs and tools available at ClientWise to help the growth of your business over time.

A 90-day trial membership to The ClientWise eXchange™: This provides full access to our content library, and an online community of top advisors and leading industry coaches who are eager to share their insights and ideas around practice management. The eXchange is the perfect supplement to Building the Billion Dollar Business, because it provides an accountability structure for advisors looking to maintain the beneficial habits they acquire as a result of participating in the workshop.

Access to 3 webinars facilitated by @RaySclafani: Similar to the accountability provided by open access to The eXchange, these webinars occur on a monthly basis following the workshop, and take a deeper dive into some of the most valuable content covered. The result is even more access to cutting edge content and material that will help you in your journey to building a billion dollar business!

Click here to learn more about our partnership with ThinkAdvisor and the opportunity to enroll in a workshop with like-minded financial professionals committed to achieving the highest level of production for their business. The benefits of this engagement will last the life of your business and beyond.

Building The Billion Dollar Business


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