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Part III: Changing Your Mindset Can Change Your Business

By ClientWise | October 1, 2014

The last two ClientWise blogs have gone into depth about how changing your mindset about what you do and who you are can change your business for the better. We’ve outlined a lot of specifics about WHAT to do, but you might be wondering HOW to accomplish it.


Well, at ClientWise, we’ve spent much of the past decade figuring out exactly that, and we are excited to share it with you. Below, you’ll get an exclusive look at what the participants of our Building the Billion Dollar Business Workshop™ will experience as they learn how to apply the tips of the last two blogs directly to their businesses using proprietary tools, exercises, and techniques developed exclusively by ClientWise.


At this workshop (which is filling up quickly but still has registration space for advisors in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Boston), we will not be sharing the "secret sauce” or exposing the “silver bullet”. Instead, we’ll be teaching financial advisors how to actively apply these techniques specifically to their businesses through the following programs: 


What the Best in the Business Don’t Want you to Know: This section includes research and insights from top-ranked financial advisors and financial advisory teams, and breaks down proprietary statistics from a study of 120 Barron’s-ranked advisors who participated in in-depth analyses of their businesses through our Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR)™, which  measures an advisory business against top performing advisors.


Custom Practice Management Gap Analysis – The BAR™ This customized analysis helps advisors understand and apply the information provided to them in their Benchmark Assessment Report™, for a personalized look at how an individual business can work with the structure they have to achieve billion dollar results. In this gap analysis you’ll receive hard and fast stats about your business that will show you where you’re doing it right and help you focus in on exactly where you need to improve.


The Seven Part Roadmap for Practice Management Growth: Applying the information discovered through the BAR™ our proprietary Professional Advisory Model (PAM)™ provides a roadmap for your practice that covers all the key areas in which you and your team should concentrate to achieve successful, sustainable growth.


Building the Interdependent Team: This takes a closer look at the practices and successes of true teams versus that of “work groups”. Advisors learn the importance of co-creating and co-authoring in order to create common intent amongst their team members and build truly interdependent teams.


Building a 90 Day Plan for Growth: Using the roadmap provided by the PAM™, our proprietary 90 Day Plan for Growth helps advisors chart out his or her team’s specific goals and the steps to achieve those goals over the course of three months. Advisors leave the workshop with targeted action steps to bring back to their teams and apply immediately toward building a billion dollar business.


You’ve Been Framed™ & The ClientWise Conversation™: These two distinct programs, combined for the purposes of Building The Billion Dollar Business™, take professionals through the crucial questions they need to be asking themselves, their team members, and their clients, in order to discover and build the brand they want to project.


These programs, all created and designed exclusively by ClientWise industry-leading executive coaches, provide some structure to all the softer skills of practice management that are difficult for advisors to account for and measure. We’re happy to share more about these programs for participants who can’t make it to Building The Billion Dollar Business™. Just call us today at 1.800.732.0876.


Building The Billion Dollar Business

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