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Upcoming Events

ClientWise eXchange™ Unlocked-Funding Your Legacy: Succession Financing Trends Unveiled Webinar

May 16, 2024 @ 3:05pm CST | Join for a discussion on financing options tailored for financial advisor succession. Learn about financing trends, potential challenges, and practical insights to help you navigate the financial aspects of your succession plan successfully. In partnership with Greg Prokott, Managing Partner at Advisor Financing.

ClientWise eXchange™ Unlocked-Tech Tools vs. Trust: Integrating Technology Without Losing the Human Element Webinar

June 20, 2024 @ 3:05pm CST | In the ever-growing world of FinTech, it’s easy to lose touch with the human side of being an advisor. The hard truth is clients don’t need tech – they need you. Join for a deep dive into maintaining your distinct value in a tech-driven landscape. Learn strategies to integrate technology into your business, while preserving the personal connections that define your practice. In partnership with Blake Hammerton, VP- Business Development at The Advisor Authority™.

ClientWise eXchange™ Unlocked-Humanize Your Brand: Leveraging Video Content for Social Media Engagement

July 11, 2024 Dive into the world of video storytelling and learn how to inject personality and authenticity into your social media profile. Discover how leveraging video content can establish your brand as approachable, relatable, and trustworthy, ultimately attracting and retaining clients in today's digital age. In partnership with Optimum Films.

The ClientWise Next Generation Series™

Next Cohort Starting June 2024 | The ClientWise Next Generation Series™ is an ongoing series dedicated to that development and to every next generation successor becoming a remarkable owner and leader, ensuring that clients are taken care of and the legacy of accomplishment continues for each firm.

Success in Succession™ 2 Day Workshop

September 2024 in Dallas, TX | An Exclusive Program for Controlling Owners & Next Generation Owners/Partners. The mission of the Success in Succession™ program is to help Controlling Owners better clarify succession goals and challenges, and prepare their Next Generation Owners/Partners (NGOs/NGLs) to eventually take the reins.

On-Demand Replays of Past Events

ClientWise eXchange™ Webinar- Brand-Building Beyond a Name & Logo

Creating a strong, compelling brand can be a game-changing business strategy. However, building a brand is more than just renaming your practice and designing a logo. Without clear goals, thorough planning, and a vibrant activation plan, it can be an expensive and disappointing journey for you and a confusing experience for your clients. Whether you've already created your DBA or you're taking the first steps to get started, watch for a discussion on how to build your brand in three clear steps. We'll help you avoid pitfalls and achieve long-term success by setting yourself apart in the market and reinforcing your clients' trust, loyalty, and advocacy.

ClientWise eXchange™ Unlocked- Recruit Like A Pro: A DIY Workshop Webinar

From sourcing top talent to making the perfect hire, we've got you covered. Watch for an interactive session filled with practical advice, industry insights, and actionable steps to build a powerhouse team independently. In partnership with Claire Vitale, Founder of Claire Myers Consulting.

The ClientWise Strategic Planning Map™ Webinar

In this engaging session, we will delve into the essential components of effective strategic planning, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the complexities of client engagement and business growth. Presented by Ray Sclafani, ClientWise Founder & CEO.

ClientWise eXchange™ Unlocked- WIMP Junction: The Road Less Traveled

You need an effective and efficient system for business and client development because your prospect has a system! Just as you want to control the situation, so does the prospect. So, you have a choice…You can become part of the prospect’s plan, or you can make the prospect part of your plan. Which road will you take? The choice is yours.

ClientWise eXchange™ Unlocked- The Referral Revolution: Dive Into the Secrets of Generating Unsolicited Referrals Webinar

Dive deep into the strategies that are changing the game! We'll explore the secrets behind the referral revolution, offering you actionable insights and techniques to amplify your referral game. In partnership with Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski, President & Founder of Red Zone Marketing.