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Unveiling the ClientWise Research Approach

By ClientWise | September 2, 2014

At ClientWise, we pride ourselves on the fact that every opportunity in which we engage is a learning opportunity. In fact, we provide the same opportunity for professionals who work with us to embark on their path as “journey learners.” Everything we experience, good or not so good, is never anything less than an opportunity to learn what we can do better. Journey Learners are constantly stopping to assess their successes and failures, and learn from those experiences to better their approach.


It is along these same lines that ClientWise developed our The ClientWise Research Approach™. The ClientWise Research Approach™ fuels our speaking programs and simultaneously provides new learning in and about the financial services industry. By gathering and analyzing data around how the industry is currently working, we are able to provide insight into how to improve it. The research that informs our content is collected from the three models below, which enable us to collaborate with leading industry influencers and shape industry trends and ideas.


Coach Insights Database: ClientWise Coach Insights Database™ is used by all of our International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialed coaches to track and record the progress of financial professionals during coaching sessions.  It provides ClientWise with real-time insight into what financial professionals encounter on a daily basis, while remaining completely confidential. It also highlights key trends and concerns for financial professionals to guide our approach in both one-on-one and workshop coaching. Finally, it ensures we are providing relevant content and delivering insight that is meaningful to top-performing financial advisors and financial leaders today.


ClientWise Community Feedback: Our ClientWise Community Feedback™ casts a much wider net to gauge the activity, challenges, and successes of all industry professionals involved in the ClientWise online community. Using a proprietary software model incorporating inbound marketing, social media, and blogging, we keep our fingers on the pulse of what advisors are seeking from the digital world.  Our new eLearning platform, The ClientWise eXchange™ provides even more immediate access to financial advisors needs. This information is then used to create content that speaks to the industry on the whole, while targeting specific points that are central to the success of advisors and financial leaders at the level we coach.


The Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR)™: Our Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR)™ is a practice evaluation tool, created by in-depth research and interviews with high performing financial advisory teams. The BAR™ compares other practices to this highest caliber to uncover specific tactics and help financial practices achieve targeted goals and the analysis generated from it includes a customized 45-50 page written report detailing each individual or team assessment. In addition to providing financial advisors important information about their individual businesses, these reports also confidentially inform our speaking and workshop material so that we can bring the greatest insight to all the advisors we work with and coach.


The greatest thing about these models is that they continue to evolve and improve as we use them, so the information we provide is increasingly valuable to us and to our clients! We have been accessing incredible insight from our ClientWise Community Feedback™ for years, but building the eXchange™ has proven even more valuable to this model, and we will continue to build out strategy surrounding our other sources of information as well. 


Coaching questions from this blog:

  1. How are you using the concept of journey learning to improve your experience as a financial professional?

  2. How is the information you gather in your business on a regular basis beneficial to your clients?

  3. Can you begin to develop your own process around research and collecting information to improve the success and sustainability of your business?

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