The Leader’s Journey™
Ten Key Transitions from Lone Ranger to Leader™

Working as a financial advisory team has remarkable benefits for building sustainable growth and productivity. The Leader’s Journeyis a proprietary 16-hour ClientWise training program comprised of four workshops. The program guides successful solopreneur advisors and advisors responsible for leading their current teams through the transitions necessary to lead a team of high-performing advisors.

Starting with an initial Leader’s Journey Assessment ™, the advisor gains awareness of his or her strengths as a leader and understands where improvements can be made. From here, the advisor is guided through the four parts of the program, which contain Ten Key Leadership Transitions, broken down into leadership behaviors and learning objectives for each. The four workshops of the program include:


Workshop 1: Becoming CEO of a Team

In the first part of The Leader’s Journey™, advisors really step into the role of CEO through key leadership behaviors and learning objectives. This is essential to letting go of limiting beliefs formed from running an individual practice, and can help any advisor turn proven personal success into overall team success.


Workshop 2: Building a Strong Team

Part two of The Leader’s Journey™ focuses on the transitions necessary to structuring a team through the development of common intent and purpose, team and individual goal setting, and strategic decision making. Here advisors are taught to create a work environment that fosters interdependence and mutual accountability, which inspires confidence in their team and their clients.


Workshop 3: Sustaining a Cohesive Team

This step in The Leader’s Journey™ is crucial to sustaining a cohesive team. Upon completing this workshop, advisors will learn to maximize their team’s development through specific leadership behaviors that create productive habits for the team as well as the individuals that comprise it.


Workshop 4: Coaching a High Performing Team

This final part of The Leader’s Journey™ refocuses on the advisor’s role as a leader through the powerful lens of coaching. In this step, advisors practice active listening, powerful questioning, and providing collaborative feedback. These behaviors are particularly effective because they are modeled from the same techniques ClientWise Coaches use to engage financial advisors.