The ClientWise Team Insights 3-6-0™

Thinking about building a team or improving the efficiency of your current team?

Team Insights 3-6-0™ is developed through extensive industry research and powered by a 360 degree approach that gives you a complete picture of your team:

  • Complete and honest insight from all team members through anonymous input.
  • Interviews with key clients, principals, stakeholders and centers of influence.
  • A day or weekend long workshop led by an ICF credentialed coach.
  • Build consensus among team members to achieve vital goals and objectives 
  • Review of key insights to determine critical touch-points with a customized plan for moving forward.

For most financial advisory teams, the most expensive investment is human capital. Engage with ClientWise and learn how you can leverage your team more effectively.


The steps to achieving team success:

Team Leader Initial Discussion with ClientWise:
  • Overview of team structure and goals
  • Identify 360 process
  • Communication plan
Team Leader Communications:
  • Leader outlines process to team assuring confidentiality
  • Leader communicates with key stakeholders to hold interviews
Online Surveys Completed by Team Members:
  • Financial Advisors
  • Support Staff
  • Employees
Individual Interviews Conducted with:
  • Key Clients
  • Principals
  • Centers of Influence
  • Stakeholders
ClientWise Compiles Anonymous Customized Report Prep Call with Team Leader:
  • Review outstanding items
  • Agenda for team insights
  • Best practices for workshop
Team Workshop/Retreat:
  • Review of key insights and areas of focus
  • Team Participation to determine priority focus
  • Timeline and plan for moving forward