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Valuing Your Business Goes Far Beyond Revenue Multiples

There’s a big difference between buying a book of business and buying a business. Acquiring a business doesn’t just require an assumption of client relationships; it...

5 Takeaways for Succession Planning from Built To Sell

In his best-selling book, Built to Sell, John Warrillow writes what appears at first glance to be a guidebook for creating a solid sales platform. In actuality, the tips...

How Financial Advisors Find New Clients: The Starting Point

What’s the starting point in how financial advisors find new clients, i.e. what’s the first step in the “sales cycle”?

Financial Advisors: How to Close New Business. A Bibliography

“How to close new business.” What an inconsistent and conflicting phrase! Among the many meanings and idioms of the word “close” that you can find in your dictionary is...

Financial Advisors: 3 Approaches to the New Selling Dynamic

In Daniel Pink’s bestselling new book To Sell is Human, he compellingly makes the case that it’s a brave new world for all of those in the business of persuading,...

Financial Advisors: How to Ask for the Order

Bill McDermott is now the co-CEO of SAP, the software company. His career arc is fascinating one, and a lesson for financial advisors. From a young age, he was...

Financial Advisor Marketing: Being Clear on Leads and Opportunities

As financial advisors build out their marketing plans and campaigns for 2013, it is important to be clear on the various stages within the business development pipeline.

Financial Advisors: Do you really want to “pitch” your clients?

I subscribe to SmartBrief, a service that I find very valuable. The company is on a mission to “save you time and keep you smart.” (Great value proposition, btw.) Each...

Mark Twain Teaches Financial Advisors How to Build a Sales Plan

“I called to give you an opportunity to see General Grant’s book, of which so much has been said in the papers.”