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What Skills Does Every Leader Need to Master?

Posted by Ray Sclafani on Jan 6, 2016 2:13:31 PM

Love 'em or hate 'em, there’s no arguing that in an industry structured to create franchise parity through salary caps and free agency, the New England Patriots have consistently managed to achieve performance excellence for the better part of two decades – with no apparent end in sight. How? 

Perhaps more than any other single element, their organizational success is predicated on the unwavering sense of mutual accountability and interdependence that seems to exist between each and every member of the team.

In a business that idolizes individuality, they are homogeneous. In a business where audacious and outrageous declarations are lauded, they boringly stick to the same script time and again. In short, they have become the gold-standard for a unified and cohesive team. And the results certainly speak for themselves.

Coaching Skills for Managers

So just what lessons can you take and apply to your advisory team? First and foremost, it’s essential to realize that teams take their lead from their coach. To engender mutual accountability, trust, encouragement and cohesion, you as team leader needs to co-create those qualities along with your individual team members. Using coaching skills helps when defining rules and structures for working together, fostering an environment that values interdependence, and laying the groundwork for powerful team meetings.

Although it may sound a bit simplistic, one of the most important tools for unlocking these traits lies in your willingness and ability as coach, mentor and guide to effectively use “partnering language” to help bring out the best in your team. It is this language that gives team members the ability to guide your conversations without imposing your own agenda on them. Mastering this language will allow you to have more powerful conversations, not just with your team members, but with your clients as well. Coaching skills has become an essential aspect of leadership. These skills include not only asking powerful questions, but also how to actively listen, be a direct communicator, and much more. 

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