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3 Tools that Get Financial Advisors Clear and Focused Right Now

Posted by Chris Holman on Oct 8, 2013 2:44:00 PM


The tagline for our firm, “Get Clear. Get Focused. Get Results” was chosen very intentionally. We have observed that one of the single best predictors of success for financial advisors is their ability to create the conditions and structures that generate a clear, focused mindset and approach.


Consequently, many of the tools and coaching aids that we have created are specifically geared towards producing this singularly concentrated outlook. These include:


1. The Professional Advisory Model (PAM) was created in response to the need for focus and structures as a comprehensive template that isolates and deconstructs the successful financial advisory practice into 10 discrete areas. These include organizing priorities, the client engagement model, client acquisition strategy, marketing approach, team development, professional advocate network, business & operations management, innovation, leadership and focus on growth.


2. The Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR) was developed as a unique diagnostic tool to further assist successful financial advisors in sharpening their focus. This tool benchmarks your practice against the best in the business and uncovers specific tactics you can implement to achieve your goals.


3. New webinar entitled Ditch Your Goals for the Priorities that Matter the Most is designed to help successful financial advisors become even more clear and focused. It’s goal is to assist you in becoming even moretirelessly motivated on the priorities that will have the greatest impact on your business right now, such as:


  • Meeting or exceeding fourth quarter goals in garnering new clients and AUM.
  • Leveraging your business growth exponentially, by identifying 1-3 loyal client advocates
  • Planning for 2014, with the idea of making it your best year ever?
  • Regaining your motivation and concentration?
  • Implementing a “game-changer” for you and your team, something completely different and unique than anything you’ve attempted before.


Whatever it might be, we would suggest that Ditch Your Goals for the Priorities that Matter Most could be the critical tool that helps you finish 2013 in grand style, leading into a fantastic 2014.


Curious? Interested? Want to learn more? Register for our webinar!


Ditch your goals for the priorities that matter most!

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