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5 Collaboration Tools for Successful Financial Advisory Teams

Posted by Joe Del Bene on Jul 2, 2013 8:14:00 AM

With the arrival of collaboration software, communicating and working together as a team is easier than ever before.  Knowing the software that works to your advantage is an important first step in this process, so we’ve collected some of the best tools (that we use ourselves at ClientWise!) to help keep your team in sync.



Google Docs, Spreadsheets & Calendar 

Of course this HAS to be #1 on the list! Ever had the experience of a trashed or misplaced spreadsheet , due to constant back and forth between collaborators? With the advent of cloud based document sharing, keeping track of all kinds of documents is seamless.  At ClientWise we use Google docs to keep track of our editorial calendar, campaign calendar, and any other documents where multiple users are contributing or making edits. The real-time collaboration allows you to make and save all your edits in one central place. 




Another great tool, Join.Me, provides screen-sharing software that aids in presentation and meeting sharing over the Internet.  The business development director here at ClientWise uses Join.Me like a weapon. He loves it so much that he’s practically selling the software on every call. It’s been extremely helpful for us in demonstrating our extensive eLibrary, which includes all of our proprietary content and a sneak peak into our Benchmark Assessment Report.  You should definitely give Join.Me a whirl. I trust that your clients will be impressed.





Easily a no brainer, Dropbox has helped us solve the age-old problem of not being able to send large files.  Click, drag, drop and done, you’ve shared that file.  Create a folder in the cloud and invite people to participate, share documents, files, movies or anything you can imagine.  We would love to know how your firm is using dropbox.  Leave us a comment below!





Google Hangouts

Google hangout is hands down the coolest video collaboration app.  You can text, video chat, share files, shares your screen and play music.  Access Google hangouts from your phone, computer and tablet to collaborate anywhere.   ClientWise intends to use Google hangouts for collaborations between The Business Builders Workshop Participants so they can help hold each other accountable for their goals, and create partnerships and collaborative groups to motivate each other and exchange ideas and successes. 





Base camp is an online collaboration tool, which can be used to effectively manage projects, task lists and team communication.  Assign tasks to a user and get email updates when they complete a task or make progress on something. You can also keep track of conversations and files associated with important projects so that all your notes and ideas are in one place.


We hope this list helps your financial advisory team collaborate more effectively and efficiently.  Have suggestions for further team collaboration tools? Feel free to add them to the comments below!




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