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The Spring Sprint: Our Top 16 Financial Advisor Posts on Planning

By ClientWise | April 2, 2013

Today is the 92nd day of the year, with 273 days remaining in 2013.


I know that it’s a cliché to say this, but does the year seem to be flying by for you? Maybe, it’s the stormy weather interruptions that much of the country experienced earlier in the year? Or, it might be that for the first Spring in eons (2007 anyway), the markets and investor confidence both seem noticeably improved? 



No Slowdown Soon

It doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon, either. In the work cycle for successful financial advisors, the second quarter is always somewhat abbreviated anyway. It starts off with a bang. April and May are prime months for engaging with clients and prospective clients. Then, Memorial Day hits us and the rhythm seems to shift. Schools let out. Vacations happen. Four-day workweeks are more prevalent. You could easily make the case that Q2 is compressed to just 45 action-packed days in April and May.


16 Top Planning Posts

With that in mind, we've put together a blog-of-blogs (kinda like a fund-of-funds) for the time-starved financial advisor.

The overarching topic: Planning for Financial Advisors

As the servers say…. “Enjoy!”


Goal Planning

Financial Advisors: What do you want to achieve in the second quarter?

Are your goals bold…or boring?

The 3 critical goal-setting behaviors of elite financial advisors


Referral Planning

Building a referral process.

Better, faster, easier referrals using the 80:20 rule.


Client Acquisition Planning

The client acquisition checklist 

How successful financial advisors find new clients.


Marketing Planning

Your genius financial advisor marketing plan in 4 easy steps.

Your genius financial advisor marketing plan, part II.

10 essential marketing elements for financial advisors.


Planning for Asset Growth

Your growth mindset: a key factor to raising $25-$100 million annually.

How to raise $100 million in new client assets.


Building Your Business Plan

Use the Professional Advisory Model™ to Dial Up Your Business Plan.

 5 business plan tips for financial advisors.


Planning for a Coach

Financial advisors are under-coached.

How coaches help financial advisors exceed client acquisition dreams 


The ClientWise Conversation is a model that provides the basis to re-engage with your clients to improve relationships, better understand how your clients experience you and your firm, and identify those clients who might best become Loyal Client Advocates.  To learn more, download here:




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