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7 Financial Advisory Blogs that Rock, Part 2 of 2

By Ray Sclafani | April 3, 2012

Last week, we observed that blogging is finally coming of age for financial advisors.
As more financial service companies find a way to work within compliance issues, there are more opportunities for financial advsors to differentiate themselves, and use the blogging medium to get in front of potential clients, colleagues, media members, and industry influencers.

To further our exploration of financial advisor blogs that rock, here are four more bloggers with their thought-provoking blogs. Not all are authored by Financial Advisors, but they all post content relevant to financial advisors and wealth managers.

1. Bill Winterberg, CFP®, FP Pad, Bits and Bytes Blog discusses the variety of technological challenges financial advisors face in their practices. Winterberg also makes effective use of podcasting and video blogs, or vlogs, integrating them into his blogging platform regularly. Winterberg was an early adapter of the iPad and saw it’s multiple possibilities for financial advisory practice early on. One of his recent posts dealt with OneCloud, an app that bills itself as the first enterprise mobile frameworks for the iPad.

2. Susan Weiner, CFA, Investment Writing Blog focuses on her mission to bring clarity to the sometimes arcane and confusing world of financial writing, especially when done by financial advisors, investment advisors and wealth managers. Weiner sprinkles her blog posts with polls, guest posts, commentaries on financial services ad campaigns, writing books and on blogging and writing. A recent post dealt with the ways that writers can inject their personalities into their blogging to make it more compelling to readers, drawing from the Oxford Essential Guide to Writing.

3. Wall Street Journal Financial Advisor Blog features contributions from Wall Street Journal editors and reporters as well as influential advisors such as Josh Brown, author of the Reformed Broker Blog, on a mix of topics from interesting news and commentary links to videos to opinions on topics such as the fiduciary standard. A recent video blog, or vlog, discussed how advisors can land high profile or superstar clients. It was only 2:08 minutes long, but made some interesting points.

4. Jude Boudreaux, CFP®, Upperline Financial Planning: a fee-only advisor in New Orleans, Boudreaux blogs about a variety of topics from the trade offs between renting versus buying a home to his favorite iPad apps to his views on how financial advisors should be compensated. One of his more interesting posts in the past six months concerns creating a digital trust fund for your child. It’s an interesting concept – reserving social networking accounts and web domains in your child’s name as an infant so that they could use them when the get older.

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