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Financial Advisors: The Top 13 ClientWise Blog Posts for 2013

By ClientWise | December 12, 2013


Below are links to the “Top 13” ClientWise blog posts for 2013, i.e. the most widely-read articles that we’ve published over the past year. They cover a range of topics that address some of the important issues that successful financial advisors face.


We trust that you find this helpful. 



32 iPad Apps for Successful and Busy Financial Advisors: The title says it all.


Financial Advisor Prospecting: Full-On Cold-Calling Like Ben Feldman: the inspirational story of Ben Feldman, one of all-time great cold callers.


Financial Advisors: Ditch the Pitch! 4 Ideas for Better Intros: Don’t “pitch” anything. Be yourself for more natural introductions.


Financial Advisors: How to Raise $100 Million in New Client Assets: We coach financial advisors who raise $100 million in net new assets annually. You can too. Here’s how.


Building a Referral Process for Financial Advisors: Top 10 Tips: Getting quality introductions and referrals doesn’t just happen. It starts with a process.


Your Genius Financial Advisor Marketing Plan in 4 Easy Steps: Your marketing success begins with a plan. Executable plans shouldn’t be complex. Start with these four elemental steps.


The Client Acquisition Checklist for Successful Financial Advisors: In building your unique successful client acquisition process there is no “secret sauce”, “silver bullet”, or “universal best-practice”. However, there are fundamental components that comprise many processes.


Financial Advisor Marketing: 12 Critical Weeks for Year-long Success: How to focus, focus, focus your marketing and client acquisition efforts into a concentrated, intense, 12-week period.


Social Media Cheat Sheet for Advisors: Social media for financial advisors, the Cliff’s Notes version.


Financial Advisors: It’s All About Marketing! 10 Books to Read Now: 10 good marketing books for financial advisors.


Financial Advisors: Maximizing Your Firm’s Value by Giving It Away: A succession planning strategy for savvy leaders of financial advisory teams.


Financial Advisors: The Hidden Danger of Staying in Your Comfort Zone: Your comfort zone may be comfortable, but it’s not safe.




How Successful Financial Advisors Find New Clients

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