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Client Acquisition Success: 10 Strategies for Financial Advisors

By ClientWise | September 25, 2012

As an executive coaching firm that coaches hundreds of the industry’s elite financial advisors each year, ClientWise has some insight into the needs and concerns of the best-of-the-best. For a number of years now, at least since 2009, Client Acquisition has been a key area of coaching focus for most top-performing financial advisors.

As such, client acquisition has also been a prime area of concentration of this blog.

To assist financial advisors in their client acquisition efforts, we have highlighted ten blog posts that provide a well-rounded and detailed perspective on how to achieve business growth through client acquisition:


Find Your Own Vein of Prospecting Gold: Thoughts on niche specialization, Loyal Client Advocates, and Professional Advocates.

Look Beyond the Usual Suspects: Build inroads into non-typical, unexplored target markets.

The Pros/Cons of a 100% Referral-based Financial Advisory Practice: Using referrals and introductions to grow a 100% “organic” practice. 

How Referrals Juice Up Financial Advisor Marketing: More good insights on referrals.

5 Steps for Financial Advisors to Identify Their Ideal Client Type: Having a clear ideal client type is a critical first-step in the client acquisition process.

How Financial Advisors use the Right & Left Brain to Find New Clients: Using creativity and process to improve your client acquisition.

5 Clues That Your Networking is Not-Working: Helpful networking insights and observations.

6 Critical Touchpoints When Financial Advisors Onboard New Clients: New client onboarding can play a vital role in client acquisition.

Financial Advisors Who Cold-Call with Cold Cuts: An innovative client acquisition case study.

Financial Advisor Tools for Successful Client Acquisition: Good all-around discussion of the important components of the client acquisition process.


Final Thoughts

There is no one “right way” for financial advisors to find new clients. However, if there is one overarching statement, it is this. The financial advisors who are most successful at client acquisition tend to really enjoy it. "It" being the client acquistion process that they've created for themselves. They have arrived at a method that is right for them, and right for the type of clients who they want to work with.


For additional client acquisition insights, please download the complimentary ClientWise Learning Tool below: 

how wealth management advisors find new clients

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