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Your Time & Intention as a Financial Advisor

By Ray Sclafani | December 31, 2014



The end of the year brings with it many things for financial advisors: Year-end planning with clients, finding ways to meet your personal and professional goals, reviewing the accomplishments of your team members and your team overall, creating goals for the New Year, holiday parties and client appreciation events. By the time December has passed, we've hardly had time to realize it has come. 


Throughout the year I stress that time is the ultimate equalizer, and that how we invest our time determines our success. Especially this time of year, I encourage all of our clients to think about the alignment of their values and priorities with how they invest their time.


Determine what’s really important for you to accomplish as one year comes to a close and another begins. Whether it's with your family or your team members, use this time to focus on what’s meaningful (your clients, your health, your personal growth and development) and remind yourselves to be completely engaged while doing it. Stay present in the moment and refrain from being distracted by everything else you have going on. Remain true to your personal and professional goals, and your values as people, family members, and colleagues. Take this intention with you into the New Year. I guarantee you’ll find greater success, greater satisfaction and a deeper commitment to your values. No resolutions, just intention! Be authentic and invest time in what matters most to you, not what matters most to others.


All of us at ClientWise send you and yours the warmest wishes this holiday season, with hopes that next year brings you much success and personal satisfaction. Thank you for allowing us be a part of your journey in 2014, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you in 2015.



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