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Online Collaboration Tools

By Ray Sclafani | July 1, 2020


Bringing the best out in your team during challenging times.

While compliance requirements may limit some financial advisory firms from using certain technologies, online collaboration tools have quickly gone from useful conveniences to mission critical applications in a matter of weeks. From Zoom video conferencing to DropBox file sharing, Google Docs collaborative editing, Basecamp project management, and WorkBoard OKR software, advisors are relying more and more heavily on collaborative tools to keep your businesses running efficiently.

As we all collectively go through a process of totally reinventing our workplace, processes and service delivery models – with a clear understanding that working virtually will most likely be a long-term rather than a short-term solution – it’s going to become increasingly critical to facilitate and streamline team communications.

At ClientWise, one of the tools we’ve come to heavily rely on over the past several years is Slack. Essentially a secure chat room for your whole company, Slack is designed to replace email as your primary method of communication and sharing. Its workspace allow you to organize communications by channels for group discussions and allows for private messages to share information, files, and more, all in one place.

Additionally, Jerilynn Hallett on our team has taken time to cultivate the following list of terrific Slack integrations for you; apps designed to help make the platform even more productive and engaging for your team members.

  • Donut – helps team members who’ve never met connect with one another
  • Bonusly – brings employee recognition to your team in Slack
  • Simple Poll – create and launch polls in Slack where everyone on the team can see them
  • Standuply – automates the management and education of your teams in Slack
  • BirthdayBot – be the person that always remembers and celebrates everyone's birthday
  • PlayPlay.io – even if your company doesn’t have a game room, you can still play ping pong online with teammates in Slack
  • KudosBot – celebrate team member accomplishments organically through Slack
  • JukeBot – lets you share your Spotify playlists with your team through Slack
  • Icebreakers – deliver conversation starters through this convenient Slack app
  • IdeaKeep – allows you to use Slack to share and vet new ideas for your business

None of us know for certain what the future will hold, but regardless of how quickly the current pandemic subsides, online collaboration is here to stay. Don’t let a lack of face-to-face communication impede your team’s ability to maintain the high level of client service that’s a cornerstone of your value proposition and your reputation.

Coaching Questions from this article:

  1. What steps have you taken to support your team in adapting to this new reality? What additional actions could you take to enhance their productivity and sense of security?
  2. How much do you embrace technology in your practice? Given this unprecedented business environment, what areas of your operation could most benefit from collaborative tools designed to streamline and improve efficiency?
  3. How can you, as a leader, better tap into the technology savvy of your next generation leaders and allow them to spearhead some of these mission critical “work from home” initiatives?

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