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August Is the Time to Dial Up Your Financial Advisor Business Plan

By ClientWise | August 15, 2013

Attention: All financial advisors.
We are fast approaching your most important 12 weeks of the year from a business and marketing perspective.


Here’s what we’re talking about.



As a coaching firm that specializes in coaching successful financial advisors, we pay very close attention to patterns. One of the patterns that have emerged year-after-year is the amount of profitable activity that the most prolific and productive financial advisors generate during the period from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. 

It makes complete sense when you think about it. The day after Labor Day, do you notice how everything is busier? Like a light switch, business turns on post-Labor Day. The summer mindset is over, and people shake out the beach sand and get back to work. All of a sudden, all of those folks that you’ve been reaching out to are more accessible, returning your phone calls, and ready to engage.

The best-of-the-best financial advisors realize this recurring annual characteristic, and take full advantage by overlaying their most important marketing and business initiatives during this fertile 12-weeks.  Designed for growth, during these months, The ClientWise Business Builders workshop participants execute and remain focused on the business plans the've developed through the end of the year. Most advisors, by year end, have seen, because of their push they have far exceeded their goals for the fourth quarter.

Oh…here’s the other thing. It’s not just the first one or two weeks after Labor Day that we’re talking about. It’s the remaining days of September…all of October…and the weeks in November up to Thanksgiving Week. 12 critical weeks. What’s most auspicious about this period is that it’s a perfect time frame for financial advisors: short enough to stay focused on a campaign(s), yet long enough to make an impact!

With this as context, here are three things to consider right now:

1) For those of you with an existing business and marketing plan that you have been executing throughout the year, redouble your focus on the initiatives and campaigns that are lined up for Labor Day to Thanksgiving. This is prime time. Dial it up!

2) For those of you with a business/plan that is “inoperative”, re-commit yourself (and your team) to your best intentions.  Re-ignite that business planning process. What’s the “one thing” that would have the greatest long-term impact upon your business? Doubling your weekly face-to-face appointments with clients and prospects? Tripling the quantity of qualified prospective clients in your pipeline? Networking with the communities of your Ideal Client Types? You know best. Pick something that you enjoy doing, and identify what you’d like to accomplish during this 12-week period.

3) You don’t have a plan. No problem. Here are some tips! Use the remaining days in August and build one. As a guide to developing your plan, you might use the 80:20 Rule. Concentrate on the 20% of your marketing activities that yield 80% of your results. For the other 80%, i.e. the low-value activities and bothersome clients that fritter away your day, reduce, eliminate, or outsource them out of your sight. (Looking for marketing ideas that you’d like to add? See below.)



We trust this helps. For more, see the complimentary ClientWise Learning Tool below:


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