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Welcoming New Financial Advisor Team Members: 4 Vital Steps

By ClientWise | June 25, 2013

Adding a new team member to a successful financial advisory team is an exciting and important time.
It also can be an opportunity to revisit goals and achievements with your current team, while reiterating the vision and direction for the future.


  • Set clear expectations for success. The team leader (or leaders) is directly responsible for setting and articulating their expectations for the new team member. Write down the visions of success. Share and discuss this with the new team member and the team as a group.
  • Celebrate the addition to your team. Whether this is having a small gathering or taking everyone to lunch, it is important to take a few moments and acknowledge the new member of the team. It is also a great way for the team to get to know the new team member as a person, before jumping into the particulars of roles & responsibilities, deliverables, timelines, etc.
  • Directly ask the new person how he or she would like to be supported.  Expectations work both ways. It is critical to open the dialogue to ensure that the new team member can be supported. Don’t leave this to chance – ask the new team member directly.
  • Pay special attention to first meetings and impressions. Initial impressions can be indelible. The new team member, and the existing team, will be monitoring the signals given by the leader to confirm, suspend, or dispel assumptions and concerns. If the team leader leaves the introductory meeting to take a phone call, this sends a subconscious message to everyone involved on the leader’s commitment and priorities.


Above all else, be strategic and open. Adding new team members is a time for great opportunity, but can also be a time infused with some emotion as the existing team ecosystem is disrupted. When the team leader is transparent and fully cognizant with regard to the real and perceived impact of this change, it sets the stage for future team success. 


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