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What the Best Financial Advisors Do in September

Posted by Chris Holman on Aug 28, 2012, 8:20:00 AM

As a firm that specializes in coaching top-performing financial advisors and financial advisory firms, we’ve observed the habits and patterns of thousands of financial advisors. Although no two financial advisors are alike, there are a handful of characteristics that top-performing financial advisors share.

One common pattern that we see with elite financial advisors is their activity levels, especially in September. In the month of September, they run like Usain Bolt, i.e. full-on Olympic, world-record sprint mode

What these financial advisors appreciate is that there are two really positive outcomes that result when they are productive and running lickety-split in September:

  • The fourth quarter is usually terrific.
  • The momentum and activity that they generate from that fourth quarter moves them still forward, and spills over into the following year.

Not a bad combo.

In fact, we’ll make the case that September is THE most important month of the year…for financial advisors who want to generate momentum that sustains them throughout much of the entire year.

You see, it happens every year. Like a light switch, business turns on after Labor Day. The languid days of summer are over. You notice that your easy commute just became a lot longer. The line at Starbucks -- or your favorite local morning establishment -- is longer too. The kids are back in school. Most critically for financial advisors, your clients and prospective clients are back in business.

They are returning your phone calls and ready to re-engage with you

[As a side note, September seems even more important than January with respect to re-engagement of new/current clients. In January, there’s the “holiday hang-over”, where everyone still seems to be recuperating from the bustle -- and stress -- of the holidays. September is much, much different. We return to work tanned, rested, and ready to get things done. As does everyone else!]

Five Things to Do Right Now

Need some thoughts on where to begin? Confidently, these suggestions should give you an idea or two:

  1. Segment all the prospects in your pipeline. Become clear on next steps for each person in your pipeline. Reach out to your priority prospects.
  2. Reach out to those clients who have been your best referral sources. (We call them Loyal Client Advocates.) Identify ways to make your relationship stronger with them, and build a process that ensures “referral replication.”
  3. Identify the trusted advisors of your best clients. Connect with each of these advisors such that you might understand their practice. Explain yours. Build a trusting, collegial, and mutually-beneficial relationship.
  4. Re-assess your Value Proposition. Confirm that your VP targets the clients that you truly want, and that it delivers clear, distinct and recognizable value.
  5. Commit to action right now. Free yourself from any procrastinating habits. Grab every opportunity to accomplish your objectives.

Most likely, you also have some goals of your own that you could undertake right now. If this is true, work on these. The most important lesson to learn from Usain Bolt, and other elite financial advisors, is this.

Don’t waste time. Move forward. Seize your opportunities. Sprint in September.


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