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13 Strategies to Energize Your Marketing Materials

By ClientWise | March 13, 2012

With respect to marketing for financial advisors, marketing materials are among the necessary tools to expand awareness of their practice, as well as to reach out to potential future clients, and potential referral partners. Here is one thing that we have observed. Top-performing financial advisors realize that their marketing materials MUST reflect their own unique business model and ideal client type.

We have also observed that many advisors use marketing materials that are more generic, non-specific…and somewhat ineffective and stale. Here’s why. Top-performing financial advisors build unique business models and value propositions that appeal to a specific ideal client type (i.e. target market) To fully support this type of focused effort, a financial advisor’s marketing materials should be equally directed and specific. Otherwise, the central message that is designed to connect with a very specific type of client is diluted, or lost completely.

Here’s the other thing. Without doing the necessary work on the front end, your marketing materials won’t “shine”. That’s why updating your materials as you and your firm evolves and grows is critical. Also, the breadth of different media is in a rapid state of flux. It is wise to stay current with the new types of media, and the new types of marketing materials that are most effiective.

One final note. Unless you have an extensive background or expertise in marketing, creating your own marketing materials is most likely not the best use of your time, nor will it lead to quality materials. Many top-performing advisors recognize where their skill sets are, and aren’t, and have found it wise to partner with an experienced marketing firm. By hiring writers and designers who are familiar and current with the industry, the financial advisor can deploy their resources where they are most effectual. When you build partnerships with experienced professionals, you can make use of their expertise and present your own firm in the best possible light to prospective clients, referral partners and influencers.

The wealth management model for financial advisors is rapidly changing; driven by increasingly sophisticated investors with complicated lives, and specific needs and aspirations. As such, the marketing for financial advisors must adapt to this evolving environment in order to reflect a more complex marketplace.


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