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For the Financial Advisor Who “Doesn’t Need a Coach”

Posted by Alix Purcell on Dec 18, 2013 2:08:00 PM

Though this is less often the case today, some successful advisors (who are, by the way, sometimes the most likely to benefit from coaching) will still claim that they don’t need a coach. When you’re faced with resistance to coaching and your instincts tell you it might help a particular advisor (or yourself), use the tactics below to suggest an alternative viewpoint.


Here are some quick responses to common conversation stoppers you’re probably tired of hearing (or telling yourself):


Advisor: “I’m doing just fine on my own!”

Leader or manager: “I understand your hesitation to make changes when things are going well. However, consider the impact you’d have on your business if you streamlined your processes, got the most from your staff, and spent more time invested in generating your pipeline, maximizing your benefit to clients, and structuring your succession planning. At the very least you’d have more time for yourself.”


Advisor: “I don’t have the money to invest in a coach.”

Leader or manager: “Depending on your production, our firm might actually be able to help you offset the cost of coaching but, more importantly, your return on investment in coaching is likely going to be far greater than you’ve considered. Many clients who have worked with ClientWise report increasing their assets by 25% after one year of coaching and doubling them within three.”



Advisor: “I don’t have the time for a coach.”

Leader or manager: “Have you considered that perhaps you feel stretched for time now because your business isn’t operating in the most efficient way possible? Coaching provides proven methods to help you create scalable and repeatable processes around your most important tasks, such as pipeline management and client acquisition, so that you actually free up time to focus on growing your business rather than simply keeping it running. You could actually end up accomplishing more in less time.”



Advisor: “How could a coach understand my business better than myself or my team?”

Leader or manager: One of the benefits of coaching is exactly that someone with an outside perspective is able to see the full picture of how your business runs rather than being limited to the smaller perspective of your day-to-day experience. This doesn’t mean that your perspective is eradicated, quite the opposite actually.  At ClientWise, the coaching partnership is driven by the stated goals of the advisor, and a plan to reach these goals is co-created by you and the coach. Their expertise is simply a way to place you on a path to success and be an objective guide to keep on course throughout.”



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