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Financial Advisors: The 3-R’s of Post-Workshop Success

By Ray Sclafani | August 7, 2013



Have you ever returned from a workshop or conference ablaze with enthusiasm and ideas, and place the workshop materials on the pile of other things that you intend to get to eventually? Over time, your excitement gradually dies down, and your pile of "things-to-get-to" grows ever taller.

To help guide you to implement all the good learning from your time away from the office that you spend in workshops, conferences, seminars, etc., you might consider the 3-R’s of post-workshop success:


  • Relevant
  • Realistic
  • Refine


Relevant. Which elements are applicable to you? Although good speakers know how to read the audience really well, and tailor their talking points to be especially on-point, it is likely that not all things presented will be equally relevant to all who are present. Even if you only take away one main point from a presentation, that can make a difference. And it’s easier to do than trying to remember and implement five or 10 potentially great ideas.


Realistic. It’s easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment, and set unrealistic goals and strategies, based upon what you took away from the conference. Yet, before setting arbitrary objectives, talk to your team. What do they feel capable of right now? What would they need in order to successfully implement new tactics? Work together to determine, realistically, what can be done. Importantly, include a time-table 


Refine. Even the best cup of java from your favorite local roaster can be refined. Cream? Splenda? Cane sugar? The same thinking is true for the takeaways following a workshop. Consider the strengths and capabiliites of your team, and be confident that you can adapt this new learning to fit the contours of your situation. Don’t feel obligated to implement at face value. Refine, tweak, and introduce context such that it all fits your situation like a glove.


Using the 3-R approach, you’re on the road to developing a process for implementing what you’ve learned successfully, smoothly and as effectively as possible.


The ClientWise Business Builders Workshop™ is designed exclusively for today’s successful financial professional who is looking to create structures and repeatable processes around the pillars of a thriving financial advisory business:

  • Revenue building and growth,
  • Innovative client acquisition strategies,
  • Unique client engagement models,
  • Vibrant professional and client advocate referral networks,
  • Creative marketing campaigns. 

The ClientWise Business Builders Workshops™ offers the perfect opportunity to plan and create a process unique to your business.  Conducted over the duration of a year through 4 quarterly workshops, this program provides: 

  • Industry expertise through the eyes of highly trained executive coaches
  • Customized assessment measuring your practice in 7 key areas
  • Access to proprietary ClientWise content
  • Quarterly planning and accountability over an extended period of time
  • Peer to peer learning within the ClientWise community, which is comprised of industry leading advisors nationwide

By the way, we are hosting the next Business Builders Workshop™ in Philadelphia on September 192013.

For more detailed information on the upcoming Business Builders Workshop™, please inquire with our director of business development Trey Schalk at tschalk@clientwise.com.


Clientwise Business Builders Workshop Philly

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