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Financial Advisors: 3 Easy Steps That Integrate Workshop Learning

By ClientWise | September 19, 2013

Have you ever attended a brilliant seminar or workshop that is filled with achievable and beneficial ideas that you’d like to employ…only to return to your office without ever implementing?


If so, you’re not alone. However, we have observed that there are some relatively easy steps that you can take to ensure that the “brilliant” ideas are integrated into new behaviors:


  • Start at the event. Meaningful follow-through requires some planning. While you are still at the event and the new learning is fresh in your mind, identify specific follow-through steps that you’d like to apply, and sketch this out in a plan of action. The key is to begin the process BEFORE you get back to the clamor and tumult of your office.
  • Give yourself a deadline. Deadlines are good in that they compel you to take action. As you think about your plan, assign by prioritizing. For example, you could establish A-B-C priorities, i.e. must do, nice to do, should do.
  • Look for immediate “wins”, even small ones. Since success tends to beget success, look for “wins” that can be implemented straightaway. Your achievements will provide subtle reinforcement that guides you down the path of transformative change.
Speaking of brilliant workshops, could we mention the ClientWise Business Builders Workshop™?

The ClientWise Business Builders Workshop™ for successful financial advisors is unique in that it teaches processes and applications that are easily applied to a variety of different practice management models. In addition, the workshops provide materials and tools that financial advisors can start using to immediately improve their practice and to increase their business.

Attendees to the workshops can expect the following:

Industry expertise developed over decades in financial services, which allows us to draw on the best in the business.

Techniques and solutions to increase your production by 25% or more over the next 12 months, and double it within three years.

The ClientWise Research Approach™, which taps into our resources to create clarity around how to evolve with a constantly changing industry.

Our Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR™) measures your business against the top 1% of advisors to compare your performance to the highest caliber and uncover specific tactics to achieve your goals. 

The analysis generated from your BAR™ in a customized 45-50 page written report detailing your results and how these can be applied to improve your practice management.

Our proprietary e-Library with 24/7, on demand access to the best practices and most significant financial trends and influences worldwide.

The structure of our four (4) quarterly workshops and the checkpoints between each session, which are tailored to create an accountability structure for aggressive growth.

A 90 Day Planner to maintain your commitment to skill building and practice management and keep you on track or ahead of your goals for the year, even between workshops.

Our ClientWise Professional Advisory Model™ (PAM) provides a roadmap to help you meet the challenges of managing your business.

The ClientWise Community provides a forum to exchange best practices and engage in peer-to-peer learning with other highly successful advisors, while working strategically ON your business.


The ClientWise Business Builders Workshop is geared toward financial professionals, and more importantly it’s specifically geared to you as a financial professional and the unique changes you need to make for your practice. 



The ClientWise Business Builders Workshop

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