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An Argument for Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

Posted by Ray Sclafani on Jul 6, 2015 12:46:00 PM



The question of whether or not stories sell better than ads is long settled by now. We live in an information driven age in which consumers crave knowledge with purchase. The decision to buy goods or services is driven as much by a desire to gain insight as it is the eventual outcome that results from using that product or service. So what does this mean for you?

 Well, for one it means that you become more than a provider of that service, but also a teacher of it. Your ability to explain your service is just important as your ability to sell it. One way to kill two birds with one stone is to become an expert in content marketing for your financial advisory business. Whether through your website, blog, or client-facing whitepapers,  develop your content marketing strategy by doing the following:


Know your personas: This is an important first step. Who are your clients and where are you most likely to reach them? Online? Through associations? At other networking events? Moreover, what keywords, situations, or scenarios are they most likely to respond to? Once you determine this, develop clear personas for each segment of your target market and be conscious about always writing or speaking to these personas using these keywords and scenarios.


Tell a story: Consumers want to know what your clients experience through your service offering. This is what content marketing is all about. According to a recent article by Digital FA, 7 in 10 people would prefer to learn about a company from articles that describe their consumer experience, not ads. Providing access to information through a narrative with which your potential customers can engage is much more compelling than giving a pitch.


Relevancy is key: Your understanding of what is important as a financial advisor may not be exactly in line with what your clients see as important. Take care to get the message you need to across to your clients, while doing so in a way that is relevant to them. A good approach to this is to ask yourself what problems your clients experience, for which your product or service might be a potential solution. Write content that speaks to this need and you are more likely to maintain your relevancy.


Use testimonials and success stories: Of course, your take on your business is going to be positive, even glowing. You wouldn’t be as committed to your business without this dedication to providing great service. But a description of your business is not as impactful coming from you as it is coming from those clients whom your business has directly impacted, who share the same perspective as your potential clients. Find a way to share these success stories and you’re sure to positively impact your bottom line.


Provide tangible data and metrics: Within these success stories, provide clear metrics that are representative of that success. Remember that concrete facts supported by measurable data are much more likely to stick in the minds of your potential clients than general ideas. Providing statistics is a great way to ensure that these success stories remain top of mind, both for the clients reading and for those in their network with whom they might share your success stories to generate potential referrals.


The bottom line is that your prospective clients are likely as driven by the desire to learn about their planning and investment needs as they are for you to take care of those needs. They want a partner in this process—and they want to understand their role in that partnership as a result of the content you share.


Coaching Questions from This Article:

  1. When was the last time you considered your marketing strategy from the perspective of your potential clients rather than from the perspective of a business owner?
  2. What success story do you find yourself repeatedly sharing with others, and how can you turn it into an opportunity for content marketing?
  3. Which of your clients would you feel comfortable reaching out to for permission to share their stories, and what questions would you ask them to help develop a retelling of their experience with you?

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