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Stay social, my friends!

By ClientWise | May 15, 2020

By now, we’re all more than a little burned out on Zoom meetings, virtual client reviews, and the seemingly endless litany of daily and weekly online check-ins and team meetings. These virtual get-togethers, which only a few months ago were an interesting novelty, have now become so ubiquitous that it can be incredibly challenging to remain engaged and energetic as you sit in front of your phone or laptop staring at “people in boxes” like the opening theme of The Brady Bunch.

We humans are highly social animals. We crave personal connection; something that given the current state of the video-chatting-with-friends-during-social-distancing-picture-id1216836287world is difficult at best. Yet given the current market volatility and uncertainty, it’s easy to get so focused on managing your clients’ financial health that you forget to pay enough attention to their emotional health – as well as the social health of your team.

If you aren’t already, consider taking a little time to turn one of your weekly online team meetings (perhaps Thursday or Friday afternoons) into a virtual happy hour where everyone can turn off their business minds for a while and simply re-connect with each other on a more personal level. You might also want to seriously consider doing the same with clients once or twice a month – bringing them together online with your team to simply chat about how everyone’s bearing-up while sheltered in place.

Here at ClientWise, we’ve even created a way for you to spice up your next happy hour with our Online Happy Hour Menu. Whether your preference is a crisp Quarantini or an Isolation Old Fashioned, rest assured that we’ve got your next COVID-19 soiree covered.

Topics: Team Engagement

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