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Oh Baby! ClientWise Announces Newest Team Member

Posted by Ray Sclafani on Nov 30, 2015 12:37:21 PM

It is with great happiness and joy that ClientWise welcomes new team member, Brooke Suarez (Age: 12 hours). There will be a hefty onboarding process of diaper changing, 3am crying sessions, and lots of kisses for Brooke. The finders fee goes to our amazingly dedicated and hilarious Relationship Manager and her husband, Alessandra and Eliud (respectively). 

Jokes aside, congratulations to Alessandra and Eliud for adding the perfect gift for this holiday session. The team cannot wait to meet this beautiful new addition! She's so adorable, we figured the rest of our followers would love to see as well. 12 hours old and she's already set for her first hair-modelling commercial! 

cutest baby evercutest baby ever

Sidenote: if anyone has any input on who first designed the pink&blue baby take-home blanket that every hospital around the US uses, let us know. We're curious people. 

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