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Financial Advisor Marketing: 12 Critical Weeks for Year-long Success

By ClientWise | August 27, 2013



Next week, we begin one of the key periods of the year for successful financial advisors, i.e. the 12 weeks between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.


As coaches to successful financial advisors, we like to observe patterns of success. One pattern that we see time-and-again is that many financial advisors break up their year into a series of sustained sprints. A second pattern is that financial advisors who are fully engaged during the 12-week period post-Labor Day build a momentum that carries well beyond these 12 weeks.


One reason for this relationship seems to be that, after Labor Day, there is an overall “getting back to work” mindset, which seems especially prevalent amongst other successful individuals. Forward-looking advisors take full advantage of this and time their marketing activities to coexist with the prevailing attitude of their prospective clients.


As an aid to those of you who are financial advisors and want to change or improve your marketing activities this fall, we have set forth a sample calendar with 12 separate marketing-related ideas. Of course, this is only meant to be a starting point and a launching pad. We encourage you to substitute any other idea that might make more sense for you (and your team.) And if this list seems overwhelming, pick the one, two or three ideas that make sense to you and your team.


Sample Calendar, Labor Day through Thanksgiving:


September 2: Set bold and courageous goals for your 12-week sprint.

September 9: Reach out to the kids and grandkids of your senior clients.

September 16: Dial up your referral process, including connecting with Loyal Client Advocates and Professional Advocates.

September 23: Get going on that really important project that you’ve neglected for too long.

September 30: Connect with the prospects in your pipeline in more meaningful ways.

October 7: Do something outside of your comfort zone.

October 14: Become more active on LinkedIn.

October 21: Begin “friends marketing campaign”, i.e. reaching out to the people who trust you the most.

October 28: Build even deeper and more significant client interactions and engagement.

November 4: Attend the ClientWise Business Builders Workshop.

November 11: Reach out to the important influencers in your communities, and ask for their advice.

November 18: Begin building your business plan for 2014.


A final thought is that financial advisors who focus, focus, focus on their marketing activities during these 12 weeks see sustained benefit into the following year. The momentum that you generate carries over to the next year, which for many successful financial advisors leads to a continuous cycle of achievement and growth.


For additional marketing ideas and observations, please download the ClientWise Learning Tool below:


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