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Improve productivity and catch up to your goals. (Free toy inside!)

Posted by Chris Holman on Mar 2, 2013 7:20:00 AM

Today, March 2nd, is the 61st day of the year.

Does it sound like a cliché to observe that it seems as if the year is flying by?

As I reflect upon this, and realize that 17 percent of the year is already done/finished/kaput, the emotional part of me wants to become really, really anxious about the goals that I set for myself for the year, and what I have yet to do.


Yet, the balanced and objective part of me says, “Not so fast. It’s way too early to freak out!”

You see, I can rationally also draw an analogous comparison to some of my most productive weeks EVER…which happened to be shortened, four-day workweeks.

Taking the analogy even further, I also recall that some of my most productive days happened when I came in only for a half-day, e.g. working in the morning on a day where I was leaving for vacation in the afternoon 

In both of these examples, two conditions were present:

  • I began the week/day with a disciplined plan that I had outlined the night before,
  • I was extremely focused, and did not succumb to distraction.


Concluding Thoughts

For successful financial advisors, whether or not you are on task to complete your goals for the year, there is plenty of time left for you to accomplish what you want. The cup is not 17 percent empty…it’s 83 percent full!

For a fun, entertaining, and highly informative discussion on the science of productivity and how you can practically apply it to your situation, check this out, The Science of Productivity: A Proven Way to Get More Done (in Less Time) 

Among the nuggets that you'll find within this 3-minute video:

  • Willpower is not enough.
  • Habit is the key, e.g. craft a good daily routine.
  • The most important part of achieving a goal is getting started.


All the best!


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