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Posted by Joe Del Bene on Mar 22, 2012 11:05:00 AM

 Ever wonder what in the world is that tiny symbol that looks like some sort of relation to a sonar machine, usually on the top of some web pages?  Well that tiny icon is called an RSS feeder (Really Simple Syndication.)  It is a vital tool in the online world and allows you to stay on top of new and relevant content to your industry and the likes of your consumers.  It provides the ability to keep track of many relevant blogs and other articles without having to go to each individual site saving tremendous amounts of time. 

The RSS feed keeps you on top of new content that comes out and this is important because it allows you to stay on top of your social networking game for client acquisition.  The RSS feed is a very important tool for financial advisor marketing

Of course, staying abreast of topics that are top-of-mind with your clients can be a very effective marketing tool. The first step is to find a good RSS reader; Google’s RSS reader is one of the best and it’s also free ( Next is to start subscribing to relevant information by going to the site and clicking the RSS button usually at the top or click subscribe in the Google reader.  (There’s an App for that!) You can even subscribe on your mobile devices such as an iPhone, Android, or iPad.  The one I use for my iPhone and iPad is called Feeddler.  It is TERRIFIC! I am constantly up-to-date even while not sitting at the computer.  Another well-regarded reader goes by the easy to remember name…REEDer.

RSS readers work just like an email inbox that constantly fills up with new relevant information.  By having new and relevant information at your fingertips, it allows you to share interesting topics with your industry, as well as allowing others to subscribe to your social networks.

For financial advisors, RSS readers can be deceptively powerful. Reading through an RSS feeder is like reading the newspaper only much more efficient, you can scan titles for interesting content and quickly move over un-attractive information.  Once you start to use the RSS feeder you will start subscribing to everything and become immersed in vital information.  I check my feeder every time I check email it also breaks up some of the monotony of the day.  An RSS feeder is just one of the tools in your arsenal designed for social media marketing, and when used in combination of other tools, it leads to great results.

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