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5 Critical Marketing Tactics Every Financial Advisor Should Know

By ClientWise | June 11, 2014

Do you have your bases covered when it comes to the scalable growth of your business?  Though there are many tactics available to financial advisors,  we've discovered, based on our proprietary research, the 5 most important tactics that are essential to the growth of any advisory practice.


1. Building Loyal Client Advocates and Professional Advocates™: 

Building Loyal Client Advocates™ and Professional Advocates™ are not just referrals. They are individuals who have such a strong relationship with your business that they think and behave more like owners and partners. They are extremely influential in providing new client introductions and would not even consider using a second, third, or alternate advisor. Start to build your Loyal Client Advocates™ here.


2. Managing Your Opportunity Pipeline: Building the Client Acquisition Process™ 

Are you tracking where you are sourcing your leads?  What stage are they in the opportunity pipeline?  Are you utilizing a CRM to keep track and stay up to date?  An effective opportunity management process measures all of the above and allows you to know exactly where a prospect is in your opportunity pipeline.  This enables you generate effective conversations through your marketing, and meet them at their point of need.  Begin to build your very own client acquisition process here.


3. Developing a Digital Footprint:  An Inbound Marketing Approach

Now more than ever, prospects are inundated by the world around them.  The internet makes it easier than ever to find information related to their specific needs, but you need to do the legwork to guarantee that you show up in the search results. Ensuring a strong web presence and establishing a content marketing strategy will increase your chances of “getting found” and easing one’s mind when it comes to establishing credibility.  It pay's to play in social media


4. Having an Integrated Onboarding Approach

Instantly establish trust with new clients and all team members to set the stage for quality of service on both sides. This is a key step to developing Loyal Client Advocates™. Many advisors establish a checklist or dashboard to ensure that all points of the on boarding process are covered for clients, as well as team members, so that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities and the process runs smoothly. 


5. Keeping to Your 90-Day Marketing Action Plan 

What keeps you from staying focused and having a set sequence of marketing actions to execute throughout the entire quarter?  Ensuring that you set time aside to work ON your business, instead of IN it,  why not develop a 90-Day action plan that gives you the opportunity to work towards measurable goals, setting new goals, adjusting strategies, and assessing what's working and what's not working?

Stay tuned as we dig into these specific areas with some practical insight as to apply these scalable strategies to your business.


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