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How are you acquiring clients today?

By Ray Sclafani | March 21, 2018

All businesses need a sound marketing strategy, particularly in acquiring new clients. It’s not enough to be an expert in your field or provide outstanding service. If no one knows who you are, what you do, or more importantly, how you can help them, it is difficult to attract new clients.20151208185010-woman-colleagues-coworkers-happy-smiling-corporate-interacting-employee-businesswoman-professional-meeting-manager-office.jpeg

Today’s marketing communications strategies incorporate some of the traditional methods of marketing, such as advertising, public relations, seminars, events, conferences and trade shows with newer technologies. Websites, webinars, and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, can give you the perfect communications mix.

To begin, ensure you have a solid marketing communications strategy. Can you clearly and simply articulate what services and value you provide to your clients? If not, take a few minutes to complete this very important exercise.

How are you acquiring new clients and prospective clients today?

How would you describe who you are, what you do and what differentiates your firm/team from others in your field?

Here's some ways you can go about acquiring new clients. Remember, before you begin attending events and networking, ensure you can succinctly communicate who you are, what you do and what differentiates you from other’s in your field.

1. Attend events sponsored by technology councils or associations.
2. Attend your firm’s research conferences.
3. Call everyone whose name appears on an affinity publication over the course of a year. (The publication should pique your personal interest.)
4. Volunteer for a local Fundraising project.
5. Volunteer for a national Fundraising project.
6. Work for a political candidate.
7Become an officer or director of a social or sporting club.
8. Join a chamber of commerce and regularly attend meetings.
9. Take plant tours sponsored by local organizations.
10. Attend industry gatherings.

This is just a fraction of our more comprehensive list, but ponder on these first and see if there are any you can attend this week! If you have attended or regularly attend any one of these post a comment and share your successes with the community.  

Good luck!

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