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LinkedIn Contacts Enriches Connectivity With Clients and Prospects

By ClientWise | April 27, 2013

Recently, LinkedIn announced a new tool that provides successful financial advisors with even greater connectivity with clients, and potential clients. LinkedIn Contacts lets users collect ALL of their professional contacts in one handy place. Using this as a launching pad, savvy financial advisors can serve up timely marketing messages, more efficiently and effectively.

This tool is designed to help you keep up with those individuals whom you know, and to help you build relationships with those that you do not.  The new LinkedIn Contacts is a great way to build referrals from existing relationships.

The new app integrates with your email contacts, address book and calendar.  For those of you who are not tech savvy don’t fret, it’s easy to integrate.  You are prompted to enter in your username and password and LinkedIn Contacts takes care of the rest.  

So what can you do with LinkedIn Contacts?

First, it allows the ability to see when the last time you were in contact with an individual and what you spoke about.  This gives opportunity to maintain these individual relationships.   Because of the link between your calendar, phone and email it actually pulls this information automatically storing it under a relationship tab.  You can also set tags to individuals such as Lawyers, Doctors, Executives etc.…


Haven’t spoken to a contact in awhile?  LinkedIn Contacts will automatically send you a suggestion notification to drop them a line.  You may also set up reminders for yourself to stay in regular contact with important relationships to make sure you keep the conversation going.


Besides an easier user friendly functionality the new LinkedIn mobile app allows you to organize your contacts with great ease.  LinkedIn’s intention with this new application is to increase the incentive to engage with others on the network.  LinkedIn also states, “It serves as a full replacement for your default contacts application.”  



LinkedIn Contacts is only available on an invite basis thus far. However, if you are able to use the tool, there’s no time like the present to get going.  Spend some time to learn this new application, gather all of your contacts in one place, and reach to your people and say “Hello!”



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