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We Stand Together

By Ray Sclafani | April 16, 2013

By Ray Sclafani


In this moment, we stand together with our nation and our president to mourn and honor all those who lost their lives, or were injured, during the appalling events in Boston yesterday. The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon, with 28,000 runners representing athletes from every US state and more than 90 nations. We join the world in its revulsion towards this senseless act of horror.

As a coaching firm that serves successful financial advisors, tragic events like this also remind us of the role that financial advisors can serve, which transcends that of providing advice and counsel. Financial advisors often find themselves placed in the center of random and tragic events that occur in the lives of their clients. During times such as this, financial advisors can serve their clients best by being an empathic listener and comrade, doing little else but acknowledging the distress of valued clients and friends.

{And on a personal note, many thanks to those of you who know me personally who have texted, Facebooked, called, or emailed.  As an avid runner who has completed 9 marathons and who runs a 4-hour pace…and with the explosions at 4:10, it hit my heart. I had a friend who did finish minutes before the blast at 3:54. To see the bystanders cheering the finishers on and the runners approaching the finish as the blasts occurred was horrific. Last night, I went to my sons baseball game, hugged my wife and boys a little tighter last night, and thanked my God for his love.} 

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