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32 iPad Apps for Successful and Busy Financial Advisors

By ClientWise | January 31, 2013


About one year ago, Ray Sclafani, founder of ClientWise, shared some of his favorite apps for iPads that apply to successful and busy financial advisors. This post has proven to be one of our more popular entries, which is no surprise given that much of our audience are high-performing financial advisors who are continually looking to improve themselves.

Since then, many of you have shared some of your own favorites with us. We have added them to the roster, and wanted to share them with all of you.  Here is our revised version of the list. (Please keep your ideas coming!)



  1. LinkedIn: Manage professional relationships on the go.  Connect with people you meet instantaneously.  Great for relationship building and networking.
  2. Skype: Manage client relationships face to face with video calling from Skype.
  3. CardMunch: Our friends at Tannery Wealth Management showed this to Ray at one of our ClientWise quarterly workshops.  You simply take a picture of a business card with this app and it converts it into a contact automatically. No need for the old card scanner back at the office!
  4. Flipboard: Your personal magazine.  It combines all the things you love in one place.


  1. Beesy: Take notes; create to-do lists and track tasks and projects with this paid app.
  2. Goodreader: Read and annotate PDF’s with this highly rated PDF reader.
  3. Instapaper:  Long articles?  No problem. Instapaper allows you to bookmark long publications and turn them into easy to read formats that allow you to access them through various devices.
  4. Chrome: Surf the web like a pro. Sync your bookmarks, browsing history and passwords across multiple devices and platforms. 
  5. Reeder: A simple way to keep track of all your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds.
  6. DropBox: Who could live without a hardrive in the sky?  
  7. PaperPort Notes: The single best note-taking tool we've encountered.
  8. Evernote: Terrific way to keep track of web clippings and notes that you may want to reference later.
  9. Splashtop Remote and Wyse PocketCloud Pro: Whether your desktop is in another room, across town or across the country, you can access it remotely 24/7 with either of these remote desktop apps, which cost $9.99 and $14.99 respectively.
  10. Paper – Capture your ideas as sketches and save them for later.  Write down notes or draw our ideas that spring to mind.
  11. 1Password: Helps keep track of all those passwords and consolidates into one. 


  1. Mint: A great personal finance organization app.  This app lets you track, budget, and manage your money all in one place so you can see where you are spending and where you can save. (Great suggestion for clients.)
  2. Retirelogix: Helps estimate future income needs.
  3. Tapfolio: Offers an incredibly easy way to interact with the stock market.
  4. Barron’s: All of Barron's investing analysis, ideas and more.
  5. QuickOffice PRO: Yes, it's "expensive" as far as Apps go ($24.99). That being said, it offers an incredible level of functionality for anyone using Microsoft Office, including the indispensible Word and Excel. 


  1. Luminosity Brain Trainer: Stay sharp, its like a workout for your brain.
  2. Netflix: Watch movies and TV shows on the go anywhere, in the palm of your hands.
  3. HBO Go: HBO go is perfect for keeping up with your favorite HBO series.
  4. Pandora: Sometimes a little Internet radio is a must on long trips or even working out in the gym.  Pandora mixes your favorite artists based on your feedback
  5. StumbleUpon: Always find a good article, video and picture if you're looking for relevant content.
  6. iBooks2: Introduced multi media textbooks, which is great if you’re working on a new certification or teaching a class.
  7. Zite: A daily magazine, customized to your needs.
  8. Kindle App:  The Amazon store is second to none when it comes to digital publications.  Download the Kindle App and have access to millions of titles.
  9. ESPN:  ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores, news and standings from sports leagues, teams and players around the world.


  1. Google Maps – Download the new Google maps app and never get lost again.  A must have when traveling meeting to meeting.
  2. TripIt: TripIt turns all your flight, hotel and rental car confirmation emails into simple, mobile travel itineraries just by hitting forward.
  3. Kayak: Compare hundreds of travel sites in seconds on your Smartphone or Tablet. Find the right flight, the perfect hotel, and even manage your itinerary.
  4. Yelp: Search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know. 
  5. Around Me: Looking for a place to eat? Or simply, what is nearby?  Around Me pinpoints your location and allows you to see what is around you.


  1. Our Daily Bread: More for our Christian friends, but a great way to begin your day.
  2. Wine.com: A completely new way to discover and shop for wine.  Send a bottle to one of your loyal client advocates or maybe one of your professional advocates.
  3. Fitness HD:  Provides thousands of exercises to choose from, just don’t get caught doing them in your office.
  4. My Fitness pal: Keep track of your calorie intake and lose weight the healthy way. 
For additional ideas on how to optimize your connections on LinkedIn, please download the complimentary ClientWise Learning Tool below:

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