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Spark your productivity with 19 useful iPad Apps

By Ray Sclafani | February 21, 2012

As a techie, I'm often asked what apps I find the most useful and frequently quiz others to find out their favorites. I'm not a big gamer and swore I'd never whirl an angry bird. Wrong. My son thought it might come in handy on my business trip to Australia and he was right.  

However, I am always interested in productivity apps. Since ClientWise is a financial advisor coaching company and focused exclusively on serving the executive coaching needs of financial professionals, I’m always trolling for apps that will enable our clients to become more productive, execute more consistently and lead more balanced lives.  

In that spirit, here are 19 of my favorite iPad apps:

  1. PaperPort Notes: The single best note-taking tool I've encountered and I have 11 loaded on my iPad.
  2. Evernote: Terrific way to keep track of web clippings and notes that I want to reference later.
  3. StumbleUpon: I can always find a good article, video and picture if I'm looking for relevant content.
  4. Zite: My daily magazine, customized to my needs.
  5. DropBox: Who could live without a hardrive in the sky.  
  6. Our Daily Bread: More for my Christian friends, but a great way to begin my daily meditation.
  7. Reeder: A simple way to keep track of all my RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Feeds
  8. QuickOffice PRO: Yes, it's "expensive" as far as Apps go ($24.99). That being said, it offers an incredible level of functionality for anyone using Microsoft Office, including the indispensible Word and Excel.
  9. 1Password: Helps keep track of all those passwords and consolidates into 1.
  10. CardMunch: My friends at Tannery Wealth Management showed this to me at one of our ClientWise quarterly workshops and I thought it was a joke, but it works seamlessly. You simply take a picture of a business card with this app and it converts it into a contact automatically. No need for the old card scanner back at the office!
  11. iBooks2: Introduced multi media textbooks, which is great if you’re working on a new certification or teaching a class.
  12. Retirelogix: Helps estimate future income needs
  13. Tapfolio: Offers an incredibly easy way to interact with the stock market.
  14. Voice Memo and Dragon Dictation: Record conversations, post voice updates to social networking sites and send e-mails via dictation. Thanks to an article in Horsesmouth for the tip on these apps.
  15. Splashtop Remote and Wyse PocketCloud Pro: Whether your desktop is in another room, across town or across the country, you can access it remotely 24/7 with either of these remote desktop apps, which cost $9.99 and $14.99 respectively.
  16. BizXpense Tracker and TDF Tracker: two ways to track expenses when you’re on the road. Another hat tip to Horsemouth for these two.

Feel free to let us know about the apps that increase your productivity.

More useful tools from ClientWise:

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