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6 Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas for Twitter

By ClientWise | March 5, 2012

Many of you might be thinking about using Twitter for business and have no idea where to start.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were the social networking sites such as Twitter.  Successful financial advisors are increasingly finding little to no time to take part in social networking.  However, the truth is it only takes about five minutes of your day. 

So…where to begin?

  • Important First Step: Check with your legal and compliance department about what is acceptable and allowable. Once you know, use the following listed steps.
  • Choose a good Twitter handle that either represents you or your company. Your best bet to make it more personal and to include your first, last, and company name to add a more personalized touch. (Allow others to represent your company too.  You may want to great an internal online conduct policy for social networking, just to be safe.)
  • Once you’ve completed the Twitter profile, added a picture, a brief bio, and link to your site…it’s time to get started.  Take a look around see what people are saying about your industry. It doesn’t hurt to be curious, check out your competitors and see what they’re up to as well.  This will give you important insight and learning.
  • Stay away from making boring posts that answer the question “ What are you up to?” Instead, answer the question “What am I interested in?” or “What has my attention?” (Make your Twitter useful by sharing information and ideas.  This will help increase your following and authority.  This also creates a sense of community that can gain new insights and information.)
  • Importantly, talk non-business too. If you’re like me, I sometimes get tired of the same old talk. I like to break it up a bit.  By mixing it up, your followers will be interested to see that you are interested in a breadth of interesting and diverse topics
  • Ask questions of your peers. You might be surprised that other successful financial advisors are actually on Twitter and will give you answers. Also, building a two-way dialogue is a critical component of social media. (Otherwise, it wouldn't be called "social"!)
  • Re-Tweet valid and interesting information.  This creates a sense of community.  At ClientWise, we share information that successful financial advisors could use all the time and encourage them to share with us as well.

By creating an account, doing a little research, implementing these simple ideas, and spending a little time and becoming an active part in the tweeting community might make a significant, long-term impact on your business.

If you would like to see an example take a look at our Twitter follow @ClientWise, or @ RaySclafani, or check out some of our followers. 

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