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Top TED Talks for Financial Advisors & Leaders

Posted by Ray Sclafani on Jun 5, 2015 1:35:35 PM

Screen_Shot_2015-06-05_at_1.54.37_PMAfter our last post on public speaking, we decided to seek out some of our favorite TED Talks. We were curious to see how the elements we advised were applied (or not) for these speakers. We were so inspired by what we saw here that we wanted to give you an opportunity to experience it for yourself. Here are some of the top TED Talks recommended for entrepreneurs and leaders today:


8 Secrets of Success:

This is a quick one! Richard St. John discovered what leads to success through over 500 interviews he conducted at various TED Talks he’s attended. While his advice may seem simple, it’s easy to forget to maintain all the components that go into running a successful business. Doing some of them isn’t nearly as effective as doing all of them. For example, your financial advisory business may serve its clients, but is it doing so to the best of its ability? Are you pushing yourself to serve your clients at your greatest capacity? See which of Richard St. John’s 8 secrets you can check off your business success list today.


How Great Leaders Inspire Action:

You may have seen this video with Simon Sinek’s famous golden circle, which begs the question “why?”. Why do you do what you do each day? Obviously you’re trying to make a living, but what is the ultimate result? What is the impact of that on your customers? Do they walk away feeling more at ease? Do they find comfort in their newfound financial security and plan for moving forward? What does this ultimately enable them to do for themselves and the heirs of their wealth? On an even bigger spectrum, what does your work as a financial professional do for the image and practice of the financial services industry overall?


How to Make Work-Life Balance Work:

Nigel Marsh gives a humorous talk on taking responsibility for the kind of life you want to lead. He also provides some interesting insight into looking at balance from a more balanced perspective, by taking into account “the small things”… with the hope that, if enough of us do this, we might have a shot at changing society’s definition of what successful work-life balance looks like. As you’re watching this, think about how the small things you do make a big difference in your business (and in your life).


Life Lessons from an Ad Man:

Rory Sutherland, the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, provides some interesting and hilarious insights on behavioral economics, which suggest that a change in perceived value can be just as persuasive as a change in actual value. This is extremely interesting especially in the context of the financial services industry, in which so much is based on actual value, and that (perhaps unfairly) something is taken away from that which doesn’t have as much tangible value. How are you providing for your customers’ perceived value, perhaps through your onboarding process, or consistent interaction with them, in a way that provides comfort if not tangible return on investment?


Are We in Control of Our Own Decisions?:

Dan Ariely, a world-renowned behavioral economist, takes a deep look at how we make decisions in this talk. Using examples we can all relate to—from going to the DMV to visiting the physician—he looks at how our decisions are both predictable and also less rational than we think. This is a great talk to watch if you are looking to gain insight into the decisions that your team, your clients, or your centers of influence make surrounding your business. It might provide some necessary perspective on how you run your business and cause you to make some necessary adjustments.


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