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Forward-Thinking Financial Advisors: 7 Steps to Playing a Bigger Game

Posted by Chris Holman on Nov 13, 2013 10:29:00 AM

With the breadth of commentary that is available on the internet to financial advisors and entrepreneurs, Chris Brogan is among the more astute and thought provoking. (@chrisbrogan) is the publisher of Owner Magazine, and and the president and CEO of Human Body Works, a publishing and social media company. He also dispenses frequent insights with respect to the entrepreneurial mindset and human potential.


In this recent blog, he discusses how one can “play a bigger game.” I found his observations relevant and pertinent to any successful financial advisor who is in growth mode.


With thanks to Mr. Brogan, here are his questions and observations that might lead to successful financial advisors playing a bigger game:


  1. The big game is a long game. This is seed planting work, not “I have to eat today” work.
  2. You must ask yourself “what is above me?” quite often. By “above me,” Brogan means only at a different level of perspective. For example, a mayor doesn’t think like a governor. A governor doesn’t think like a senator. Etc.
  3. The big game is two or three years out, but you execute daily.
  4. Most importantly: In order to play bigger, what must you stop doing?
  5. Start at the end. Start looking for the path to that end. The big game doesn’t care where you are right now.
  6. If the people you surround yourself with are in the same game as you, how will you play bigger? (This one might be difficult to work through on a pragmatic, real-life level, but there are friendly/humane ways to work this).
  7. If a heartfelt and compassionate mission isn’t part of your bigger game, you might be missing a very important part of what makes a game big. Regret is a very expensive ailment.


For financial advisors who are looking to grow, advance and improve, these are excellent points to consider. What is your “bigger game”?


  •  In becoming a compelling and charismatic leader?
  • Or something else?


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