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The ClientWise Business Builders Workshop™ for Financial Advisors

By Ray Sclafani | July 24, 2013

One of our observations is that peer-to-peer learning can be a very effective coaching modality for successful financial advisors. Peer-based learning is both effective and versatile because it is customized to the group involved, utilizes their own experience, and addresses the real-world issues and challenges.  Exchanging feedback with someone who has been through similar experiences and shares similar responsibilities is ideal for adult learners.  Learning with colleagues in group settings is one of the most constructive ways to understand, implement and sustain new approaches to real on-the-job challenges. And it’s fun!

For those of you who are interested in coaching in a peer-to-peer setting, we wanted to give you a heads-up to our next peer-based learning opportunity. ClientWise will be hosting the ClientWise Business Builders Workshop™  in Philadelphia on September 19th, 2013.


The ClientWise Business Builders Workshop™ is designed exclusively for today’s successful financial professional who is looking to create structures and repeatable processes around the pillars of a thriving financial advisory business:

  • Revenue building and growth,
  • Innovative client acquisition strategies,
  • Unique client engagement models,
  • Vibrant professional and client advocate referral networks,
  • Creative marketing campaigns.


The ClientWise Business Builders Workshops™ utilize a blended style of learning and development that incorporates a coaching approach, professional development and training to maximize your benefits. Our focused, action-packed agenda includes:


  • A Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR™) that benchmarks your practice against top-performing advisors and uncover specific tactics to achieve your goals.
  • An analysis of your BAR™, including a customized 45-50 page written report detailing your results and how these can be applied to improving your practice management.
  • An executive summary and coaching guidebook that you can use as a roadmap.
  • A workbook containing valuable insights into some of the most requested topics on the minds of top financial advisors today.
  • The ClientWise Professional Advisory Model™, which outlines the seven areas our targeted research indicates are required to build a multi-million dollar wealth advisory business.
  • A 90-day quarterly planner to help you get organized and stay focused month after month to create accountability and structure in achieving your goals.
  • Successful ideas on client acquisition, client engagement and marketing, and much more!


Created as a scalable model, ClientWise takes the same care with your investment of time and money for The Business Builders Workshop™ as we do in each of our individual coaching partnerships to help you get clear, get focused and get results.


For more detailed information on the upcoming Business Builders Workshop™, please inquire with our director of business development Trey Schalk at tschalk@clientwise.com.



Clientwise Business Builders Workshop Philly



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