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Guest Post: 5 Financial Professionals you should be Following on Social Media

By ClientWise | October 17, 2012

Guest Post created by Amy McIlwain of Financial Social Media

When it comes to achieving groundbreaking success in any area of life, there is almost always an element of learning that must take place. For instance, if you want to be a famous novelist, it is advisable to study Hemingway, Faulkner, Throreau, or Tolstoy. If you long to be a famous musician, you’ll unquestionably benefit from studying Beethoven, Steven Tyler, or Pink Floyd. Studying success helps you understand the science and art of achieving results.

In the social media world, the same principal applies. Many financial advisors want to have an impactful online presence; and in order to do so, it’s necessary to research and to model after those who know what’s up. Here are 5 financial professionals that have established a strong social media presence.


The Financial Soldier, Jeff Rose: Jeff Rose, CFP®, is very keen on expressing his personality and background on social media. He creatively combines his military background, financial background, and passion for cross-fit for an interesting social media package. He posts about financial topics and seeks to educate others on financial matters in an engaging and entertaining style. On some of his notable blog posts, he talks about savings and budgeting movements. His passion, creativity, and authenticity comes through in his blog, videos, and posts, and is worth modeling after.


The Social Butterfly, Brittney Castro: Brittney Castro, CFP®, is a social butterfly online. She excels in engaging in conversation with professionals and followers on social media. Similar to the other social media leaders, she frequently adds a personal touch to her tweets—be it commentary, fun facts, or memorable quotes. She is also very good about speaking to her target audience (women ages 30-40), and cross promoting her website and blog. Brittney is also a superstar on YouTube. Check out her channel to get great ideas on video content.


The Reporter, Jamie Cox: Jamie Cox embraces a relatively professional, serious voice on social media. You won’t find crass or sass in his tweets, only expertise and proficiency. The information he tweets is very similar to the information that one would find in the NY Times—relevant topics, both domestic and international. He has undoubtedly established himself as a highly professional and credible financial source.


The Nerd, Michael Kitces: Self-proclaimed “financial nerd” Michael Kitces claims to provide a “nerd’s perspective on the financial planning world”. He offers a medley of information, ranging from relevant financial articles, to technical graphs, to thought-provoking quotes. On social media, he’s established himself as a thoughtful, engaged resource for simplifying the complex nature of financial topics.



The Witty Financial Expert, Josh Brown: Josh Brown is well known for his sarcastic, witty, and amusing social personality. On his networks, he strikes a unique balance between being informative and entertaining. He blasts out a mix of information, ranging from the politics and economics to the Olympic games. In his website, he claims, “I’ll use statistics, satire, anecdotes, pop culture references, sarcasm, fact, fantasy and any other device that I feel necessary to get my points across”. And that is exactly what he does!



If you are looking for financial social media leaders to get ideas from, this is a fabulous group to follow. They all have a specific personality and tone and bring a uniquely valuable perspective to the financial industry. This is what social media is all about, and I hope you take the time to check them out. Who do you follow on social media?


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