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Posted by Ray Sclafani on Jun 19, 2020 3:18:09 PM

Each of these important articles and podcasts have been thoughtfully curated, timely, and helpful for you and your team.

Why I quit the FPA, and you should too | Financial Planning
After eight years, the CEO of the Financial Planning Association, Lauren Schedule, resigned last month. Thousands of members have left the FPA in recent years. We should be watching closely the value of an association!

New Fiduciary At All Times Standard For CFP Professionals
Professionals from law to medicine to accounting to investment advisers have long imposed a “fiduciary” duty of professional advice-givers to provide advice in the best interests of the person receiving that advice. Kitces continues to command a leadership role in advocating for reform for an industry. This is his latest installment on this topic.

How RIAs can Jump Their Growth Curve: Inorganic Growth. Sign-up to hear from David DeVoe, Sean Keenan and Kirsten Petras. This is sure to be a winning Webcast. June 25, 2020 at 1:00 pm ET - Pershing Webcast Series

The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself
Trend analyst Vikram Mansharamani discusses the costs of relying on expert advice to make complex decisions. This is a terrific article and podcast, perfect for a 30-minute bike ride or run.

It’s a Done Deal - Liz Nesvold’s leadership does it again!
PagnatoKarp learns going it alone has its limits, jumps into the arms of another serial buyer, Cresset, after declaring its independence from HighTower only four years ago.

Dynasty’s Network of RIAs Has Shrunk. But It’s All Part of Shirl Penney’s Plan. | RIAIntel
Making all the right moves, Shirl Penney shares a bit about his strategy and why partnering wisely matters most.

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