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"All the News That's Fit to Print"

Posted by Chris Holman on Oct 21, 2010, 4:17:00 PM

Our normal publishing schedule is once per week. However, every now and then something comes up that causes us to depart from this schedule.

In today’s New York Times, October 21st, there is a special section on Wealth. For those of you who are financial advisors, and who don’t read the Times on a regular basis…you may want to pick up a copy of today’s paper.

In the Wealth section, there are a number of articles of interest to “affluent” readers. The lead article is especially interesting, “The Post-Crash Sell.” In this piece, the author opines that wealth managers are recasting their services in an effort to confront the wariness that exists amongst circumspect investors these days.

Whether or not you agree with the author’s view, you may want to use this article to connect with your clients about the level and quality of client engagement that you are providing…and that they are expecting. Additionally, there are a number of other articles, “A Philanthropy Coach Talks About Wise Giving,” “The Watchword on Taxes This Year is Flexibility,” and “Treading Carefully in the Currency Bazaar” that might be interesting to clip-and-send to your interested clients.

Just an idea for you…hope this helps.

PS…The Times’ motto “All the news that’s fit to print” has existed since 1896, when it was adopted by then-publisher, Adolph Ochs. Recently, Ochs’ great-grandson, Arthur Sulzberger Jr. announced that, given current newsroom costs, the Times is likely to be forced to stop publishing a printed paper sometime in the next five years or so. Sobering news from the “Grey Lady.”

They’re gonna need a new motto, too!

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