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Financial Advisor's Tool: Leveraging The New Weekly Twitter Digest

Posted by Joe Del Bene on May 17, 2012 11:05:00 AM

Start checking your inbox, you will soon find a Twitter Digest.  On Monday, May 14, 2012, Twitter announced a new feature where users will have the option of receiving a weekly email digest in their inbox featuring top stories and tweets in their network.  This new feature for Twitter should be available to all users over the next couple weeks (I just received mine today).  This new digest highlights stories with summaries beneath each headline allowing you to only view the ones that matter to you.  All you do is click on any headline and it will take you to the full article or story.

What does this mean for busy financial advisors?  This cuts your Twitter time on in half.  This new condensation of relevant top stories will pull information articles that are being circulated by those of whom you follow, as well as the most relevant tweets.  This information can be easily used to keep up on topics trending on Twitter and share them with all of your followers.  It will also allow you to stay on top of important topics in your industry.  By leveraging this simple tool, savvy financial advisors will be able to utilize Twitter for client acquisition, as well as other business development and marketing activities without spending much time on the social network itself.  

Here are three simple ways you can utilize this new Twitter tool:

  • Scan the digest find what is relevant and what you think would be interesting to your followers.
  • Forward the digest to others in your company.  Get them to think about some of the topics, maybe they need some social media updates as well.
  • If you currently have a blog maybe some of these headlines will come in handy when thinking about future blog topics.

These are just three of the many uses that this new Twitter digest could be used for.   These three tips can be used for the LinkedIn digest as well and when both are utilized correctly it cuts time spent on marketing on social networks in half.

Source: Twitter Blog

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