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Free Google Advertising for Financial Advisors

Posted by Joe Del Bene on Apr 12, 2012 11:05:00 AM


Here’s an interesting exercise for financial advisors. In your Google search box, type “Financial Advisors near (insert your zip code here)”

Does your listing come up? If not, would you like it to? (This is a rhetorical question…don’t answer it!)

Many financial advisors are not aware that you can gain FREE advertising on Google for your wealth management practice quite easily, and (did we say?) it is free. By utilizing Google Places and Google Maps you can add a quick summary to Google, along with your address, a contact number...and "Voila!"...You’re able to “get found” locally on Google. 

Here is how to get started:


  1. First you must check with your compliance department.
  2. Then you may want to gather information such as a contact number, address or any other contact info you may want to advertise.  You may also want to have an image handy as well.
  3. Navigate to Then click Get Started.
  4. Sign into your Google Account or create a new one.  They will then direct you to a page that allows you to enter your business phone number to see if Google Maps already has a listing for your financial advisor business.  If it does not find your business then click Add a new listing or it will automatically guide you to a screen to enter in your information.
  5. Follow the steps provided by Google, they are simple and straightforward.  Make sure your information is entered correctly and filled out completely as it will answer many potential clients’ questions about you’re business.  Google even allows you to upload a brief video to give an overview about your business.
  6. Check and proof your listing, make sure you check your listing periodically and update it whenever you change an aspect of your business. 

These simple steps will have your financial advisor business listed on Google maps and Places…thus, increasing your chances of being found by new, and potential clients.

All the best!


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